Don’t second guess polls

If you don’t want a National-led government you can vote for any party.

If you do want a National-led government then you must give your party vote to National.

Thanks for tuning in. MMP elections are always close. Only your Party Vote for National will keep the team that’s #Working4NZ. #Vote2014NZ

A man I phoned last night said he’d always been going to give Jacqui Dean his electorate vote but had been considering giving one of the wee parties his party vote. However, the closeness of the polls has convinced he can’t afford to do that if he wants a National-led government so he’s going to give two blue ticks.

He’s right. It’s the party vote that counts.

Give yours to National to provide it with the strongest possible position for post-election negotiations with potential partners.

5 Responses to Don’t second guess polls

  1. “Potential partners”

    You mean, Colin Craig? Act and UnitedFuture are worse than ‘just a joke’
    Colin Craig’s AGM provided journalists with a chance to interview those in attendance and various candidates leaving and they were the maddest bunch of aliens you could ever hope to avoid – plenty of “Remember, Jesus loves you” and “Marriage is not about sodomy” from that horrid crew.
    Are these your “potential partners”, Ele?

    Gaia help us all!


  2. Southern says:

    HHhmmnn, Colin Craig, a very successful businessman who has been well proven in the business world as being innovative and trustworthy, or Russel Norman, what has he done again business wise? Oh thats rights, nothing!


  3. murray grimwood says:

    Southern – you may not have come across it, but the Einstein equation is the best we have done, in terms of quantifying the universe.

    You may not have noticed, but the E in that equation, doesn’t stand for Economics.

    Why, then, should economics be the required skill?

    The sick joke is that we use energy (to live, actually) to extract/process/deliver/consume bits of the planet. To facilitate that, we invented a monitoring process – money – which fitted the growth (which was inevitable from a standing start).

    The problem comes when the planet – and the supply of energy – cannot maintain exponential growth, but the artificial system can’t adapt.

    The planet and energy are real, the money is not. Have you not noticed the post-peak-oil GFC (an effect, not a cause) and the subsequent QE/negative-interest-rates/over-high Dow? Only an ignorant mass would vote money experts into leadership roles at such a point in time.


  4. Mr E says:

    Murray tries to bend another thread towards energy discussions. There is a label for behaviour like that Murray. It is called trolling.


  5. murray grimwood says:

    I see it as marshalling facts in order of override, of priority.

    Consider the Titanic – the Craig comment would have been about how the Purser was a competent fellow. Well, you could spend the night discussing whether he was worthy of promotion, and if you were in denial you might well do.

    But the override, I suggest, would be the bows-down attitude of the vessel, coupled with the rapid loss of displacement. It’s not unreasonable to point out, to the Purser-discussing crowd, that perhaps his skills are about to be rendered irrelevant, sorta soonish.

    But of course, you’d have to understand the magnitude – the truth – of what is happening. If I saw someone saying ‘ hack off, we’re discussing the Purser’ I’d say ‘there goes denial’,



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