Craig’s press secretary leaves in tears

Conservative leader Colin Craig has just lost his press secretary of two years:

Rachel MacGregor has told Newstalk ZB she’s left the party as of this morning.

Our political editor Barry Soper says she is very upset and has taken public relations advice.

“Colin Craig does campaign on being this wholesome, out there sort of a bloke, that’s all encompassing, that really is the sort of person we should be looking up to.

“Now if he can’t get his own house in order in terms of staff in the Conservative Party then you’ve got to ask questions.”

Barry Soper says this will damage the Conservative Party brand.

Soper just told Leighton Smith he’d talked to her and she was in tears.

Whatever the truth of this is, it will do the party no good.

It is on 4% in Colin James’ poll of polls.

If  it doesn’t make the 5% threshold those votes will be distributed to parties which do.

A friend was talking to a woman about this yesterday. When she realised her vote for the Conservatives might end up helping Labour and the Green Party get an extra MP she was horrified.

10 Responses to Craig’s press secretary leaves in tears

  1. murray grimwood says:

    “A friend was talking to a woman about this yesterday. When she realised her vote for the Conservatives might end up helping Labour and the Green Party get an extra MP she was horrified”.

    What, no link? No reference? There’s a word for the above comment: heresay. There’s an even more accurate one: gossip.

    Can we do better? I guess the problem is that you can object to something objectified as a foe (greenies, communists, terrorists, activists, anyotherists) but only if you fail to objectively investigate the ‘why’ of their existence.

    Good luck with that, but we need to have wider thinkers in our leadership roles.


  2. Andrei says:

    It’s an anecdote Murray – you can take it or leave it as you choose.

    We all use personal anecdotes to illustrate our points from time to time, its ok,

    As for the rest of the subject matter of this post – our election is nothing but a bad soap opera and thank God it will be over this weekend.


  3. Graham says:

    If the Conservatives, or any other party, doen’t get to 5% their votes are not redistributed. They are merely lost.


  4. Marc Williams says:

    Graham is correct, under our MMP if a party fails to reach the 5% threshold, the votes they get are disregarded. The STV system is what you may be thinking of.


  5. Marc Williams says:

    I should add, if a Party gains an electorate seat, then the 5% threshold does not apply, and then the party votes do still count in determining their list seat allocation.


  6. “Horrified”

    I met a bloke yesterday who hadn’t thought, hadn’t engaged his brain at all and was considering voting for Colin Craig. When I suggested to him that he might be helping Key get back in, he spat! Right there on the footpath, and swore! He loathes Key and despises the dirty way that the PM has gone about making fools of all New Zealanders. I said nothing and backed away slowly.


  7. Andrei says:

    See Murray we all use anecdotes – Robert G’s is a doozy, love it

    Look at the elements it contains

    (1) People considering voting for CC are too dumb to grasp that CC will align with National if heaven forbid he gains a seat

    (2) And that National evokes visceral loathing among those who might consider voting for CC

    Thus implying potential CC voters are probably very dumb people.

    Have you ever thought of a career in writing fiction Robert G?


  8. I’ve written a few things already, Andrei – like me to mail one or two to you?
    In any case, you’ve dismissed all political involvement, declared the whole system rotten, so why on earth are you commenting so frequently on it? For goodness sake, leave those who are interested to discuss the issues!


  9. Andrei says:

    I’m not disinterested Robert G, au contraire, I seek to improve the system and look to the day when the politically marginalized (the vast majority) may once again be able to participate in a meaningful manner


  10. Andrei – the people I support are as honest and good as it is possible to be.


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