Another reason to vote early

Advance voting is well up on that at the same time in previous elections:



The table below compares the 2014 results against the equivalent day at the last two general elections.

Date 2014 2011 2008
 3 Sept 12,035 5,459 6,224
4 Sept 14,613 5,823 6,237
5 Sept 16,827 5,414 6,976
6 Sept 6,134 2,122 217
7 Sept closed closed closed
8 Sept 22,321 8,893 closed
9 Sept 23,047 8,845 9,417
10 Sept 24,173 9,750 9,138
11 Sept 29,312 11,041 11,055
12 Sept 32,200 13,399 11,699
13 Sept 46,639 20,115 16,976
14 Sept closed closed closed
15 Sept 60,434 27,841 26,671
16 Sept 32,937 27,491
17 Sept 38,380 32,942
18 Sept 64,137 47,261
19 Sept 80,402 58,123
Total 287,735 334,558 270,427





Last updated: 16 September 2014











We won’t know if the increase in advance voting means an increase in participation or just that people who would have voted on Saturday are doing it sooner, until all votes are counted.

Until this election you needed a reason to cast an advance vote.

That’s no longer the case but here’s a good reason to do so:

And here’s how to do it – two ticks blue:

By the time you read this more than 150,000 people will have cast their advance vote. </p><br /> <p>Keep the team that’s #Working4NZ. Party Vote National. Advance vote at a booth near you -

6 Responses to Another reason to vote early

  1. Andrei says:

    It doesn’t matter if we vote or not – the winners have been selected months ago, our three dreary people will smile, head off to Wellington and vote how they are told by the party bosses and collect their bloated salaries.

    Once upon a time before we surrendered our democracy to faceless technocrats the candidates would come door knocking to introduce themselves and to get a feel for the peoples concerns.

    Haven’t seen this in years, now you have to search out a “meet the candidates meeting” and if you find one you have to write your questions down on a piece of paper

    But the only questions selected to be put to the candidates are the ones vetted by the party machines ie pasey questions for one candidate or another to regurgitate the slogans pre prepared by party central spin masters. These people have become talking dolls having their strings pulled

    I tried to play along, my question got black holed of course – it was

    >”If there is a conscience vote for Voluntary Euthanasia in the next term, if elected how would you vote”

    Well to hell with this bullshit, I know who is going to PArliament before a single vote has been cast and these people do not represent me or anything I believe in


  2. Andrei says:

    Some some brainwashed sheep down ticked me for popping the bubble of their sad illusion that our election this Saturday actually means something

    It doesn’t, it is just an expensive charade.

    Bread and circuses for the masses


  3. murray grimwood says:

    I never tick anyone about anything – it’s meaningless.

    But I ticked you up because of that!

    Because you’re right.

    And they know it – they’re hamstrung too. I’ve talked to elected reps of 4 parties (the 3 major among them) who privately acknowledge that my prognostications are irrefutable – but that ‘if they don’t want to vanish with a boot up the bum….’

    So they essentially have to lie. Tell porkies. Slippery slope when you start down it, that one.


  4. Ra says:

    I am glad we live in a democracy and I like voting.

    Have already cast my vote as I will be working on Saturday – not for the left as I abhor the German who is is trying to trying to influence our politics.


  5. murray grimwood says:

    nothing like a deep and meaningful reason. Let us know if you come across one.


  6. Gravedodger says:

    I thought I might rise early and do a circuit, sort of Rakaia, Methven, round through Darfield, might head over the Waimak and give Doocey a few, say Oxford, Ranginui, like keep to places with queues yuno, then back down to the City and home by 1850hrs to put my last effort in Amy’s column here in Paradise.

    Was able to do a passable job with the Vote cards on the home printer, what could possibly go wrong?

    Learnt very young, early and often but spread it around geographically and stick to crowds.
    Sh*t I hope Fiveyes and co are having a well earned rest from all the conniptions, they wont read this in time, — will they.
    Nah then again there is yeah, life is hard eh.


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