It’s about trust

When it comes to Cyber Protection, you can trust Dot Com. #YeahRight

9 Responses to It’s about trust

  1. Bingo Bob says:

    And all his little puppets agreed that in Dotcon we thrust.
    Yep he’s stuffed. Some might say he’s rogered himself along with Hone and soon to become Laylow in a Harre.

  2. Mr E says:

    I’ve heard a predictions of a storm. That was hardly a sneeze.

  3. [Deleted – quote without link]

  4. Bingo Bob says:

    Heh Robert it was even better watching it with my tin foil hat on too.

  5. Your mistake was letting it slip down over your eyes, Bingo. What you thought was a blank-screen was intact the dull reflection of your own soul. Me, I watched the whole thing, heard every word and found it fascinating.
    C u in the soup.

  6. Marc Williams says:

    What an omnishambles – more shell than bomb and no mention of the email that was “the proof.” There may have been 20,000 watching, but there were 4.480 million not watching. It’s funny reading the Herald columnists desperately trying to find some positives to back their KDC support. What can you expect when they have already nailed their purple colours to their masthead. The speed dials are spinning in reverse on the Delorian. All those Snowden and Wikileaks documents, and not a SINGLE one to give credibility to their GCSB spying claims.

    What a waste of $5 million plus.

  7. RBG says:

    Had trouble understanding what the grown ups were talking about eh Marc Williams?

  8. [deleted, quote without links. You were warned.]

  9. TraceyS says:

    This lawyer guy is working for Dot Com not the rest of us. I know he’s not working for me ’cause I’m not paying him.

    A person puts up a great lawyer and we are supposed to buy their argument because they have a track record and they wouldn’t represent scumbags ever, right? Come on!

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