Whyte warns of Frankenstein monster

Act leader Jamie Whyte warns the parties of the left, including New Zealand First, could still get enough votes to form a government:

A Frankenstein Labour-Green-Internet-Mana-New Zealand First government may be unthinkable, but it is not impossible.  . .

If ACT succeeds, New Zealand will have three more years of stable center-right government. If we fail, New Zealand faces the prospect of a chaotic left-wing Frankenstein government.

It’s not pretty, but we should look at that monster.

Part of the monster – the crazy tangled mess of hair stitched onto the scalp – is the Internet-Mana party.

This is a party of hard-left socialists – Hone Harawera, Laila Harre, Annette Sykes and John Minto – funded by a convicted fraudster wanted for copyright violation in America.

Their lunatic policies include shutting down all the prisons (perhaps on the suggestion of their fugitive sponsor).

In a televised debate, Hone explained that prisons are unnecessary because if boys are sent on Kapa Haka courses, they commit no crimes.

If only they had Kapa Haka in Germany, Kim Dotcom would not be a wanted man!

As I said to Hone at the time, it’s a very nice idea. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Why don’t you send all the boys for Haka training and then, after the crime rate falls to zero, we will close the prisons. In the meantime, let’s keep them open – just in case you are wrong about the transformative power of Kapa Haka.

It’s not just Internet and Mana together or separately that’s the worry, it’s the puppet master Kim Dotcom who is funding them and pulling their strings.

The Greens are the monster’s face, grinning inanely below its swivel-eyes.

In the nicest possible way, they intend to force everyone to live as the Greens prefer. They will tax the things they don’t like, such dairy farming, and subsidize the things they do like, such as solar panel manufacturers.

The Greens are not so much a political party as a religious movement, worshipping snails and ferns and all that makes up Gaia, except us humans of course.

For the Greens, humans fall into two categories: the helpless, who smart green politicians must save, and the wicked, who smart green politicians must stop.

In virtue, and intellect, Russel Norman and Meteria Turei are so vastly superior to everyone else that it is their moral duty to subjugate us.

The lovely, soft green – with a small g – concern for the environment that many people find appealing camouflages a lot of hard red policies.

The big flabby torso of the monster is the Labour Party.

It was briefly a thing of beauty and strength. We have the Labour government of Roger Douglas and Richard Prebble to thank for the fact that New Zealand is not now a basket-case like Argentina.

But the Labour Party has gone horribly to seed.

Nothing reveals this more clearly than its finance spokesman, David Parker – the man who now occupies the position once held by the great Roger Douglas.

Mr Parker fancies himself the smartest boy in the fourth-form. But he has not even the weakest grip on basic economics.

At the recent Queenstown Chamber of Commerce political debate Mr Parker explained his party’s desire to reduce immigration to New Zealand. He claimed that economic output requires increasingly little labour to produce. So immigrants cause unemployment.

This nonsense has been peddled by economic fools since the invention of the weaving loom. In fact, I imagine it got started when someone first thought of killing animals with a sharp stick instead of bare hands.

For the sake of Mr Parker’s education, here is what really happens when workers become more productive. People produce and consume more.

And not just more of the same, but entirely new things. Even Mr Parker has surely noticed that, over the past 30 years, as worker productivity and the population have both risen, unemployment has not increased.

Instead, we are consuming more than we ever have. And we are consuming better goods and services than ever before.

Everyone, please, get your cell phones out and wave them in the air so that Mr Parker might understand.

That Parker is regarded as one of the more reasonable voices in Labour merely reflects the dearth of talent in its caucus.

Finally, we come to Winton Peters and his New Zealand First, the stumpy little legs of the monster. Little legs that remain idle for 2 years and 10 months out of every three years and then spend two months running around furiously kicking everyone in sight – foreigners, journalists, bankers, you name it: everyone except pensioners.

After all, it’s common sense.

That’s Winston’s slogan: it’s common sense.

I am not sure what “it” refers to but that doesn’t really matter. Because, as my old PhD supervisor used to say, “sense isn’t common”.

And there is no better example of this fact than Winston himself.

Winston’s big economic policy for this election is removing GST from food. That would reduce government revenue by 3 billion dollars.

But Winston has no plan to cut government spending by 3 billion dollars. On the contrary, he plans to increase government spending massively.

Where will he get all the money?

Winston’s answer: by cracking down on tax evasion.

Honestly. He claims that he can raise 7 billion by cracking down on tax evasion.

That’s not sense, common or otherwise. That’s bollocks.

When a politician tells you that he is going to fund his spending promises by cracking down on tax evasion, you know he is either a fool or a charlatan. And Winston ain’t no fool. . .

Labour is also trying convince us it would fund some of its expensive promises by cracking down on tax evasion.

Some people aren’t yet convinced to vote for a National-led government but these are compelling reasons to vote against a Labour-led one.

14 Responses to Whyte warns of Frankenstein monster

  1. Scaremongering, Ele.
    Naked scaremongering.


  2. Southern says:

    So Dave from the Greens, tell us how this green eyed, German speaking monster of a Governing mass would actually work. And to save me getting too bored, because to be honest I have
    seriously short attention span, please keep it to 100 words or less.


  3. National (Hollow Men, Dirty Politics Cameron Slater, Simon Lusk, Jason Ede, Judith Colins, John Key)
    +Winston (You loathe him, remember)
    +Colin Craig (Smack ’em good, Man on the Moon)
    +Jamie Whyte (.6 of a cousin)

    4 a sturdy and trusted Government.



  4. jabba says:

    and adding to Southerns request .. no links, just YOUR opinion


  5. RBG says:

    It is a total farce that ACT, a party that insists people should look after themselves and not get Government handouts, are being handed a seat by this National government. ACT are the biggest hypocrites of this election campaign.


  6. Why does ACT attract criminals?
    Why does National attract Slaters and Lusks and Edes?
    Why are you people drawn to dirty politics?


  7. Gravedodger says:

    Total Bollocks RGB, that you choose to suggest Acts entirely legal use of electoral law is somehow worse than the massive, blatant and very well planned assault on our democratic process by all involved in the Hagar saga, Rawrshark, whale dump and the complicit involvement and promotion by so many in unique positions within the MSM is Oscar winning in comparison and shows your total ignorance of how that assault is seen by a growing number of voters.
    Why else are the polls so stubborn in trending the Left of center down to the advantage of the center right.

    Just as an exercise in hypothetical reasoning what would have been your view had Dunne and Craig done a deal such as Internet Mana launched using Ohariu voters and Craig’s well funded dreams.
    I am confident such a manouver, that would have equally dismayed me, would have been of greater advantage to the current government than the efforts of herr Schmitz have been so far for his anti extradition moves.

    I will warrant we get no intelligent response but it would be of interest.


  8. jabba says:

    I’m trying to remember how Russelllll Norman replaced the rasta MP, can you help bOb?


  9. jabba says:

    from memory, the melons, sorry Greens, shafted the only true green member they had, and another deadbeat, and promoted Russellll so he could pick up more tax payer funding .. something like that anyway BUT nothing underhanded aye?


  10. Dave Kennedy says:

    “The Greens are the monster’s face, grinning inanely below its swivel-eyes.”

    “The Greens are not so much a political party as a religious movement, worshipping snails and ferns…”

    Good grief what utter nonsense. This is low stuff Ele. If you have a problem with our policies name them and provide good arguments, repeating this emotive scaremongering demeans you.

    It is interesting that National’s water protection plans were slammed by Federated Farmers: http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/political/253682/national's-environment-plan-slammed

    All the lies and misinformation National is spreading about the Greens is just silly, it didn’t go down well at Southland’s Federated Farmers meeting where the audience could see through the nonsense Key was spouting.

    Russel Norman has got economic credibility ( http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/10428953/Greens-pro-market-Russel-Norman ) and our fiscal plans have been fully checked by Infometrics: https://www.greens.org.nz/policy/smarter-economy/fiscals

    National is making up policy on the hoof, like the tax cuts, and haven’t presented any overview of future plans. We Greens had our all policies completed and fully costed months ago.

    If you really want to see New Zealand go down the economic gurgler than implementing these policies of Acts would do it (except we do agree with their carbon tax):
    -Getting rid of ACC
    -Three strikes for burglary once the definition of what constitutes burglary is established.
    -Market driven childcare
    -Dramatically cut tax
    – All electricity providers fully private.
    -Encourage coal mining
    -Remove most environmental protections
    -Health care rationed and an expectation that many health services will have to be paid for in a private market
    -Increase road use charges
    -Scrapping the minimum wage and shifting welfare support to private providers.

    Property owners and the rich will do well under Act and all the rest will have to rely on charity and good will if they can’t afford to pay…


  11. Paranormal says:

    Oh filly DK? So why were infometrics so scathing of your budget?

    As for the hard left union based ideologues that make up the Green Party? Like those that are prepared to use / brainwash primary school children for their own political ends?

    As for criticising Act policies – your grasp of economics is so poor you wouldn’t understand – but lets juts have a quick critique of your list:
    – Acts policy is not to ‘get rid’ of ACC. You on the hard bitten left will never see the benefits workers gained from the privatisation of ACC that happened in 2000 because you are so ideologically blinded.
    – Again the victims of crime are not an issue for crime cuddles like you. The fact that a deterrent like three strikes – remember this is when a judge gives a recidivist criminal three warnings before giving them a maximum sentence is just too nasty in your eyes.
    – Allowing businesses to provide the service – generally to a better standard than union driven ideologues will only show the paucity of your unionised offering. Can’t have private enterprise threatening your monopoly can we DK.
    – Where tax has been reduced, additional revenue is created http://www.forbes.com/sites/…/10/…/do-tax-cuts-increase-government-revenue...
    – Healthcare is already rationed


  12. RBG says:

    Gravedodger, National refused to remove the ‘coat tail’ rule because it suited them. Colin Craig would have been quite entitled to make a financial deal with Peter Dunne, maybe they wish they had. The assault on our democratic process has been from National who wouldn’t change the coat tail rule and they are responsible for the consequences . Dirty politics was being DONE by the Right and merely exposed by Hager.


  13. Gravedodger says:

    @ RGB, You make a strong stand that a candidate getting to sit in the parliament by convincing a majority of the people in an electorate, subjected to scrutiny by those best placed to judge fitness are no better supported than a list candidate known only to the inner circle of a very minor party and given a list placing to look good on a poster.

    At least Gilmore did gain a level of approval from the voters in Dalziel’s safe labour seat, that he fell in a drunken, arrogant exhibition in public is in stark contrast to the efforts of the angry Arsenati Lole Taylor from Winston First, The man with two Letter boxes from the same mob, The Grey lady from planet of the apes with her screaming skull mate with his bag of anti Semitic rotting garbage.
    Each and every one would never in a thousand years win an electorate vote yet under a system almost half the voters have grave reservations around, they can potentially succeed under the flawed MMP inanity.

    Do you forget or was it merely convenient that your beloved Melons were not averse to using the true environmentalist and popular Jeanette Fitzsimons to coat-tail a way to Wellington with electorate success in Coromandal until overseas votes got the melon vote over the 5%.

    That is definitely a strong case to make for good democracy, not.

    Who is it again using the C-T system to get to the big house to save the sorry ample arse of the German fraudulent manipulater and part time puppeteer.

    Sorry Epsom = bad while Wigram, Te tai tokerau, Coromandal = good is not marketable and when you add the destructive additional rorting of a pre election divorce arrangement the stench becomes unbearable.


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