Only party vote for National will stop him

Kim Dotcom voted today – with cameras following:

It’s a secret ballot but there’s no secret that he’d be voting for what he’s paying for –  a last-ditch attempt to avoid extradition.

The only way to stop the puppets whose strings he’s pulling having any say in government is a party vote for National.

Unless there’s a major change from recent polls, Labour and the Greens won’t have enough support to govern without the support of New Zealand First and the Internet and Mana parties – together or apart.

Dotcom can’t stand for parliament but he’s paying other people to do it for him and once there he’ll want to extract a price.

He would be the puppet master shadowing a Labour/Green/NZ First/ Internet/Mana coalition.

Only if there’s a National-led government will he be unable to pull any influential strings.

Only a party vote for  National deliver that.

19 Responses to Only party vote for National will stop him

  1. You won’t stop him. His coverage is MUCH wider than you are aware. He’s ‘talking’ to far more people than you can ever imagine.
    And what about the Greens, eh! That Roy Morgan poll result today – good for us. Here’s what someone tweeted:
    “One thing about the Greens: absolutely no splash-back from Dirty Politics. The cleanest party in a dirty year. Hence that poll?”
    National looking weak now though #worryworry


  2. Nick K says:

    Correction: Only a party vote for National OR Act will stop him.


  3. “Unless there’s a major change from recent polls…”

    Nat = 45%

    Not enough.


  4. Mr E says:

    “His coverage is MUCH wider than you are aware”

    Um Robert…..


  5. Gravedodger says:

    It is difficult to comprehend how any sane citizen can be dancing and cheering around the possibility that an apparently very wealthy convicted criminal can buy power in this country and it seems half the people see nothing untoward, including seriously more than a majority of our fourth estate.

    Clive Palmer has done just that over the Tasman but he did it without resorting to overt criminality, and that will be a very expensive trauma for The Lucky Country

    Suddenly all that angst, faked concern and squealing about election funding is of no moment, as Herr Schmitz is claiming he has 3.5 million to spend to “get John Key and it is National indulging in “dirty Politics”?
    I was mistaken in believing that you Guyton believe in democracy, you are just another power at any price, means justify ends, comrade.

    Would it be a step too far for me to open your letter box and read your mail if I claimed a my action to be in the greater public interest.

    GCSB accessing data is bad yet data stolen from private hardware is used to gain financial reward for an avowed green party supporter selling a book, (advisedly), is to be celebrated.
    GCSB bad yet whaledump is heralded, pun intended, as something to be lauded.

    Guyton you are one very sick puppy, your lofty idealism counts for nothing?
    That is so very sad but when viewed against your personna as revealed here, no great surprise.


  6. Grave. There have been a huge reveal of late; the National Party and many of those who cling to her rotten hulk, have been exposed as corrupt by their own words. Their own words. I feel for those who have been fooled, taken in, tricked, mislead and exploited. They are not to blame. But they can redress the wrong. Turn your back on corruption. Reject rotten. Dismiss despicable.
    It’s not too late. You can make amends. Your children will not condemn you for making a mistake, if you choose a new path.


  7. Grave. You ask: “Would it be a step too far for me to open your letter box and read your mail if I claimed a my action to be in the greater public interest.”
    Yes, it would. You would have to be able to show real grounds for that claim. Hager didn’t open a letter-box. Someone else did. They thought, “this is serious” and passed it on to the investigative journalist. He read the material and decided, “yes, this is certainly something the public deserves to know about”. His lawyer assured him that he would not be prosecuted for releasing it, because it was in the public interest to do so, so he did. That’s a very different scenario to you deciding that my mail is interesting enough to be publicised. It’s not. You would be wrong to think that it was. You are missing the point entirely. It must be an ideological thing. I worry that you are blind to the ethics of all this.


  8. Slim, are you, Mr E?


  9. jabba says:

    amazing to see bOb supporting another criminal/criminal act.
    Anyway, I saw Cunliife voting on 1 news tonight and I’m sure broke another political rule:
    Election-day rules

    Certain rules regulate conduct on election day. Scrutineers representing the candidates are allowed to observe the process from within the polling place. But all campaigning – and media coverage of it – must cease until the polls close. Generally, election days have become very orderly affairs and complaints of serious electoral violations have been rare.
    Can someone who saw the section let me know if the above rule was broken?


  10. Judge Holden says:

    Get real. The Nats fell all over themselves to let him in, against their own rules. Now they’ve got buyer’s remorse and are running a ludicrous smear campaign. Vote National, get Slater/Ede/Collins/Odgers. Which would you prefer?


  11. RBG says:

    Hey Judge Holden, this lot are quite happy with the teamKeyWhaleoil way of smearing their opponents, ridiculing public servants and making up stories about $100,000 bottles of wine. Bet JC’s emails would be interesting reading just before the Donghua Lui ‘scandal’ broke. JC knew it was coming and was so excited he couldn’t keep it to himself. Which little birdie was singing to you JC?


  12. Mr E says:

    “teamKeyWhaleoil way of smearing their opponents”


  13. TraceyS says:

    “That’s a very different scenario to you deciding that my mail is interesting enough to be publicised.”

    Well, to be correct Robert, Gravedodger never said anything about publicising anything.

    Accessing and reading to determine if there is a public interest is exactly what the hacker did. You reveal yourself when you condone the hacker doing this but no-one else.

    If you accept what the hacker(s) did then you must accept that it is OK for anyone else likewise driven.

    If not, why not?


  14. Slater and Ede stole credit card information and hundreds of addresses from the Labour site. Key says he’s comfortable with that. Key says the All Blacks would do the same. Key is making chumps of you all. His ethics are rotten. So are yours if you follow his lead.


  15. Tracey – you are making stuff up. I do not condone hacking. I do support the exposure of anything that’s significantly in the public interest. What Hager found is significant and we are fortunate that he made it available to us all to read. There are foul activities going on in the National camp. Now we know about some of them and can make a better judgement about the party’s worth.


  16. pdm says:

    Did KDC give his electorate vote to John Key his incumbent elctorate MP? Just wondering?


  17. TraceyS says:

    “Hager didn’t open a letter-box. Someone else did. They thought, “this is serious” and passed it on to the investigative journalist.”

    You know it happened just like that do you Robert? How do you know for certain?


  18. robertguyton says:

    I know, Tracey, that Slater and Ede snooped around the Labour site, found a hole, crawled into it and downloaded private details such as adresses and bank account details.
    Any comment from you about that?
    Key says it’s okay. Says the All BVlacks do stuff like that. Are you that gullible, Tracey? Is your moral compass as broken as Key’s?


  19. Gravedodger says:

    Not a surprising response guyton, clearly another example of an extremely flexible belief system from you over property rights, privacy and the power of the proletariat.
    Can you recall the fate of all the old Bolsheviks during the 1930s in Stalin’s Russia, hint they confessed but only after some persuasion, one poor bugger returned to court with a dislocated shoulder and the pain relief came by way of a small piece of lead. It was the impact not the toxic chemical invasion of his greymatter that did him in.

    Very uncertain how you can rationalise with in your beliefs, the contradictions around Slater vs The open NZLP website containing private info that was never revealed as an invasion of privacy by Slater, done entirely within the then law, and the DDOS attack and subsequent removal of data as theft that has been used by Haga in his saga and subsequent data from whaledump that has had serious credibility issues as to being genuine around the alleged facebook traffic.

    Sometimes the ends do not justify means but to accept that salient fact you would need a conscience not an implacable belief in infallibility, that is for Popes Al Gore and other useless idiots.

    My faith in the standards and belief in honesty is still intact for most citizens but should your dreams be fulfilled on the 20th the victory as such, will be so tainted it will make the entire Slater, Ede, Collins shambolic manipulation seem no more unacceptable that the tales of Grimm, mind you they were a tad unpleasant in the minds of children I guess.

    The much bigger event being ignored by large sections of the media and yourself will unfold in all its squalor.

    Very difficult to get a genie back into its bottle methinks.

    Sorry guyton your acceptance of what Schmitz, Hagar and co are attempting is beyond the pale. and sadly might still accomplish its aim.
    That in spite of your serious demented glee will be a very sad day in our history.


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