Press leaders’ debate

The Press leaders’ debate will be live streamed here from 7pm tonight.

It's #KeyvCunliffe. Tonight. 7pm. Live streaming at

5 Responses to Press leaders’ debate

  1. Angry Tory says:

    Key just wiped out Cunliffe.

    2011: Show me the money

    2014: Will there be a tax on the family trust


  2. Neil says:

    Couldn’t most of it because of technical problems.Garbled parts sounded like a pretty Labour audience.


  3. Marc Williams says:

    Shame the sound engineer was asleep at the controls again. Apologies if it was the students in charge, but I would have thought after the TV1 fiasco they would have sorted that sort of technical problem out this time.


  4. Russell Brown @publicaddress reckoned:

    “Key was more confident and purposeful but actually really quite nasty at times. That was not likeable Mr Key.”


  5. Hamish Keith reckoned:

    “Trying to catch up with who is ahead on points and have to agree that John Key comes out as the drunk uncle – at the end of the day”


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