Stay on track or stall

Finance Minister Bill English (from 15:30ish)

. . . exporters have done a fantastic job. they’ve had a high dollar, they’ve had their export markets, US, UK, Europe in massive recession and still they’ve done well. . .

. . . the last thing they want is the whole shebang tipped upside down by politicians setting interest rates, higher income tax, capital gains tax,  carbon tax and . . .  the government taking over the energy and the housing markets. . . .

Labour and the Greens will add new taxes, put on capital gains tax, carbon tax and put up income tax to pay for a lot more wasteful spending.

Our focus is on building confidence, because a new job and higher pay come from businesses who are investing and the good news is they are really starting to get some momentum and the last thing we want is to stall that momentum. . .

. . . First we spend a lot less and we don’t raise new taxes. Secondly the quality of our spending is much better specified because we’re spending for results. . . ours is focussed on getting results kids learning, more elective surgery . . . they are just throwing money at the problems.

The choice for voters is staying on track with National or stalling under a government led by Labour.

It’s a choice between National which respects other people’s money and the need to spend it wisely and Labour and its mismatched mates who want to take more of other people’s money and spend it in the mistaken belief that the quantity of the spend is better than the quality.

It’s a choice between continuing to go forwards or stalling and going backwards.

3 Responses to Stay on track or stall

  1. Neil says:

    Watching Q&A yesterday with English and Parker.
    English had a record,was calm and collected while Parker was talking over his opponent and looked very unsettled.
    However HP has the good news of the economy been derailed. Certainly hope John Key can pull out a rabbit.

  2. “Our focus is on building confidence…” says Bill English.
    He’ll be dismayed then, at the events swirling around his party that are destroying any confidence people once had in National.

  3. jabba says:

    If I recall, our bOb mentioned a long time ago that a scandal was coming up before the election and then what happens, Greenie Hagar releases a book of stolen e-mails and the Greens are pushing for an inquiry .. a bit of inside knowledge about it all bOb?
    I have full confidence in the Nat lead Govt, I have terrible thoughts about Cunliffe lead Govt backed by the Greens and others

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