Bribe-O-Meter update

The Taxpayers’ Union has updated its Bribe-O-Meter to include four of the wee parties:

The Taxpayers’ Union have added the Green, ACT, United Future and Conservative Parties to the ‘Bribe-O-Meter’ hosted at  Excluding ACT and New Zealand First, the total election ‘bribes’ – that is new spending not already in the budget covering the next parliamentary term, equals $12.7 billion, or $7,486 per household.

Jordan Williams, Executive Director of the Taxpayers’ Union, says, “The Bribe-O-Meter is enabling Kiwis to judge for themselves the various bribes this election. With the addition of the minor parties voters can assess which political parties are offering taxpayers value for money.”

“As of the end of last week, National’s election promises add up to $329 per household. The equivalent figure for Labour is $2,776, the Greens $2,893, United Future $1,253, and the Conservatives $236. ACT is in the negative, committing to cut spending by $6,876 per household.”

A lack of detail in New Zealand First’s policy documents has made it impossible for the Union’s independent expert, Dr Michael Dunn, to calculate credible figures for the Party’s inclusion in the Bribe-O-Meter.  Public and private requests to New Zealand First have, to date, not resulted in amelioration. 

If someone who used to do social policy costing for IRD can’t figure out NZ First’s costs, the problem is with the party and its policies.

Mr Williams says, “While National, Labour, the Greens, Conservatives, ACT, and United Future have provided the Union with sufficient policy and financial material to estimate the cost of their election manifestos, New Zealand First apparently just doesn’t have the information for our expert. It appears that Mr Peters makes promises to all and sundry, but no one at his office is adding up the cost.”

“We are delighted that in the last week, parties have come to us to test our expert’s assumptions and the Bribe-O-Meter’s methodology. On the basis of new information that parties have provided we’ve updated our figures and are able to provide more transparency to the voting public on precisely what parties are promising.” . .

The Bribe-O-Meter is here.



This puts the lie to claims by Labour and the Green Party that they will be fiscally responsible.

National’s promises amount to a total of $558 billion which is  $328.81 a household.

Labour’s total is $4,707 billion – $2,775.68 per household.

Green Party’s total is the highest – at $4.707 $4.906 billion, a cost of $2,893.03 a household.

The Act Party would reduce costs by $11,660 billion – a reduction of $6,875.60 per household.

United Future’s total is $2.124 billion –  $1,252.51 per household.

The Conservative Party’s total costs amount to $$0.400 billion – $235.88 a household.

NZ Firsts costs are a like its leaders utterings – whatever he thinks it is.

Labour and Green Party policies are already at 7482.68 billion.

That doesn’t take account of the cost NZ First and Internet Mana would require for their support.

Nor does it take into count the added costs of higher taxes, higher interest rates, higher inflation, more welfare and a stalled economy.

9 Responses to Bribe-O-Meter update

  1. Those people operating the Taxpayer’s Union are right at the heart of National’s dirty politics scandal. Why are you citing them, Ele?


  2. Marc Williams says:

    Don’t expect to see this informed data reported on TVNZ, TV3, RNZ, or the printed MSM – that would be off agenda. Also, don’t expect any of the beneficial spending promises to be honoured should Labour/Green/IMP/NZF get to form a Government coalition. All we will be getting is the taxing and cost recovery promises to cover the extra costs for “bigger” government. There sure won’t be any expansion in private sector growth to pay for these extravagant bribes.


  3. Denny says:

    Why not include the bribe-o- meter’s own qualification that the figure noted for National is misleading because it excludes figures from the budget, and that the figures for the other parties are alternatives to National’s budget?


  4. Denny says:

    Also, the brib-o-meter does not include tax changes proposed by the other parties – another qualification noted by the Taxpayers Union


  5. Southern says:

    Labour’s total is $4,707 billion – $2,775.68 per household.

    Green Party’s total is the highest – at $4.707 billion, a cost of $2,893.03 a household.

    These figures don’t add up Elle


  6. Mr E says:

    Robert asks why information from others is discussed – particularly those that oppose your own views.

    Why are you here Robert?


  7. That’s not what I asked. Read for meaning, Mr E. Re-read if you miss that meaning. Read again and again til you ‘get’ it. Then comment.


  8. homepaddock says:

    Southern you’re right – the Green figure is even worse than Labours – $4.906 billion.


  9. Mr E says:

    When hypocrisy smacks loudly, it is hard to hear anything else.


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