Voting with their feet

The migration tide has turned:

New Zealand had a seasonally adjusted net gain (more arrivals than departures) of 4,500 migrants in July 2014. This is the highest net gain since the record of 4,700 migrants in February 2003.

Net migration has increased in most months over the past year. The difference between the net gains in July 2013 and July 2014 was mainly due to:

  • more non-New Zealand citizens arriving (up 1,200)
  • fewer New Zealand citizens leaving for Australia (down 800).

The big drop in the net loss to Australia is particularly good news.

New Zealanders are voting with their feet – returning from across the Tasman or not going there in the first place.

That is a good reflection on the economy and job prospects here and a poor one on them there.

In the July 2014 year, migrant arrivals numbered 102,400 (up 15 percent from 2013). Migrant departures numbered 61,400 (down 22 percent). This resulted in a net gain of 41,000 migrants, the highest annual gain since the August 2003 year (41,200). New Zealand recorded its highest-ever net gain of 42,500 migrants in the May 2003 year.

In the latest year, New Zealand had a net loss of 7,300 migrants to Australia, well down from 29,200 a year earlier. Net gains were recorded from most other countries, led by India (7,700), China (6,600), the United Kingdom (5,500), and the Philippines (3,100).

Compared to the July 2013 year, the biggest increase in visa type for arriving migrants was student visas (up 4,800). Migrants from India and China most commonly arrived in New Zealand to study, while migrants from the United Kingdom and the Philippines most often arrived to work.

One of the areas which is most attractive to people from the Philippines is dairying.

There is a shortage of good employees in the industry and Filipinos are filling gaps which New Zealanders aren’t keen on filling.

More Kiwis are coming home because National’s strong economic plan is delivering more jobs and opportunities in New Zealand. #Working4NZ

One Response to Voting with their feet

  1. S T says:

    I just took up an opportunity in the Dairy industry myself. The boss is also kiwi but the herd manager and other workers are all German, Filipino, and Chilean immigrants. They work hard and are a good fit with the New Zealand culture. I am loving the work, don’t know why more kiwis don’t do this.


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