Keep the team that’s working for NZ

National is working for New Zealand.

Only a party vote for National will enable it to continue with policies that are working for New Zealand.

The alternative would be Labour, the Green, New Zealand First and Kim Dotcom’s puppets in the Internet Mana Parties.

Photo: Both Labour and the Greens have released spending commitments that take little account of each other. So far, Labour has promised to spend at least $18b over four years, and the Greens have promised another $10b.  NZ can't afford disarray in its government and its economy. Authorised by G Hamilton, 41 Pipitea St, Wellington

12 Responses to Keep the team that’s working for NZ

  1. Mr E says:

    Oh come on Ele,
    This ad offends me.

    The left should be depicted as sitting in an ark, specially built from tax payers money. Sighing as they wait for Armageddon to occur.
    That would be a lot more appropriate, I reckon.


  2. (From twitter)
    ” I’m from Whanganui. I know a bit about rowing. And Collegiate. Trust me, it’s the perfect ad for National ponces.”


  3. Andrei says:

    I saw this ad on TV yesterday

    It came between an ad for female incontinence products and an ad for funeral plans.

    Which says it all.

    Substance not slick marketing please


  4. [Deleted – off-topic]


  5. AceMcWicked:

    “I hope National’s next ad has a bunch of white people playing polo.”


  6. [deleted – trolling]


  7. Southern says:

    sad really, that people choose to pick on white people who are successful. I’m white, I do alright, and I do my fair share for my community at large also, yet mr g would have me feeling bad. Mind you, I don’t play polo, or row, I do vote though, and I will make sure mine counts in a months time


  8. RBG says:

    Radio NZ interviewed John Ansell about this TV advert this morning. If you haven’t already heard this Homepaddock, you should listen

    Ansell said

    “God must be a member of the National Party, because He flattened the people’s republic of Christchurch and that’s where the economic growth has come from”

    More nasty, dirty politics from the right.


  9. Southern says:

    Funny you say that RBG. I don’t live anywhere near Chch, the industry I’m in is booming and we supply to most other industries in NZ, not just dairy either. We are having our best times for over 10 years. Our counterparts, and our competition, are also doing extremely well and that is totally NZ wide, including the Chatham Islands. Nothing to do with Chch rebuild and my turnover alone, and I’m one brand of 27 in the market, for this year is well over 30,000,000 for the year thus far, and still climbing.

    Nothing nasty about that, ask my employees, they are doing very well also. I don’t know a commission based salesperson in NZ, in all markets who are not smiling.

    It easy to write mean and nasty things like “More nasty, dirty politics from the right”. But that puts you squarely in Whaleoils camp, because that is what he would do.
    Throw away comments that need just that, to be thrown away.

    Hope your day gets better.


  10. [Deleted – off-topic and deluded]


  11. JC says:

    “because He flattened the people’s republic of Christchurch and that’s where the economic growth has come from”

    Its a sound bite with little wisdom because the quake either destroyed or disrupted some 15% of GDP first. The rebuild is occurring *after* that massive hit to the economy and is a catch up that will hopefully recoup some or all of that catastrophic loss.



  12. Roger Barton says:

    Quoting John Ansell….he’s a good fellow but to the right of Ghengis Khan (spelling?)
    Whatever takes your fancy RBG but I suspect john isn’t to keen on a five headed hydra with Hone And Laila as key participants. I know I’m not! National aren’t perfect I’m sure of that but the alternative is frightening.


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