Sticking to plan

The Pre-election Economic and Fiscal update (Prefu) shows that National has the government’s books back on track to surplus.

Under National we’re on track to surplus, more jobs and higher incomes. #Working4NZ


But it’s wafer thin and Treasury Secretary Gabriel Makhlouf was blunt about the need for continued discipline:

. . . Forecast to grow at an average of 2.8 per cent over the next four years, Makhlouf said this was “above its sustainable long-term capacity to grow”, meaning inflationary pressure on the economy was building with a strong residential housing market in Auckland and Christchurch.

“It underlines, among other things, the importance of fiscal restraint in a growing economy,” Makhlouf said. . .

New Zealand has had an unfortunate history of going from bust to short-lived boom.

Only by continuing to keep a tight rein on spending will growth be sustainable.

Labour and the Green Party are already pledging to spend $28 billion. If they’re in government there will be expensive policies from New Zealand First, Internet Mana and which ever other party or parties they need to cobble together to get a majority.

Only a National-led government will keep on track to deliver sustainable growth and provide the social and environmental dividends that will enable.


On track for surplus. Keep National working for New Zealand. #3moreyears

3 Responses to Sticking to plan

  1. Brown says:

    If they were really serious and right wing there is plenty they could do to save money. They are simply lefties with a blue tie. Labour had to move further left because the Nats have pinched their old centre left spot.


  2. Allan says:

    I tend to agree with you Brown, however it is imperative for the future of NZ that a National lead Coalition is reelected in order for them to continue with the way things are going. Once the books are looking better we will all be able gain from the benefits. The tax and spend policies of the Coalition of losers ie Labour/Greens/Mana/NZ First & DotCom would be disastrous for the future of NZ. We can only hope that the average NZ voter can see this and return National on election day. The current smear campaign being carried out by the left is absolutely disgusting and I feel that this will turn people off as it shows the left up for what they really are, nasty, vindictive losers who can not stand to see anyone succeed.


  3. Paranormal says:

    Maybe voters need to be reminded just how bad a left coalition would be for New Zealand. With the polls so close, they seem to have forgotten the nightmare of the Clark regime.

    If the GIMPS got in this election, yes they would stuff the country, but they would be a one term government. Following the disaster their policies would bring – spiraling inflation, rampant crime, increased poverty and dependency, mass immigration, they wouldn’t see the treasury benches again for a generation.


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