Environment not Green priority

The Green Party has confirmed the environment isn’t their priority, it’s their socialist economic and social agenda which matters most.

Green co-leaders Russel Norman and Metiria Turei want to be in a full coalition with Labour and have senior Cabinet positions that reflect their party’s priorities, social justice and the economy. . .

They’ve always denied the accusation of being a watermelon – green on the outside, red inside. But confirming the environment isn’t a priority proves they are.

The thought of Green MPs in senior cabinet positions, and sharing the position of Deputy Prime Minister will not be attractive to many Labour voters and will be even less so to Winston Peters.

Throw Internet Mana and their puppet master Kim Dotcom into the mix and a potential Labour-Green government becomes even more expensive and unstable.

3 Responses to Environment not Green priority

  1. Mr E says:

    “This is the green economy. It is happening right in front of us.”

    Yep – We don’t need a green government to be environmentally sustainable. Humanity has been proving it. Even the Green party can see it.

    Funny to watch the Greens try to convert themselves into social economists. Funny.

    Even Dave’s started to objectify kids with his rants about profits from investments.

    Humorous transparent stuff.


  2. David Lloyd says:

    Very scary proposition for this country. Big spending Greens, Marxists Harre and McCarten influencing policy, Hone, Minto, inept Cunliffe as PM. Beam me up Scotty!


  3. [deleted – off-topic]


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