Caring for the dying

Life is fatal.

Sooner or later we all die.

Most would choose for it to be later,  peaceful and pain-free.

But life and death aren’t always that well-ordered.

It isn’t easy watching someone we love die and not everyone is able to give their loved ones the care they need while dying.

This is where hospices come in.

They provide a very high standard of palliative care in their facilities and in the community for people who choose to die at home.

Their care is not just for the dying but for those who will survive them.

Hospices help the dying live well for as long as they can then help them die well without either prolonging or hastening the death.

The success of the work they do provides a very strong argument against euthanasia.

Theirs is difficult but essential service and the funding boost National has pledged will help hospices and their staff do more.


Hospices make a huge difference to people’s lives, so National will invest an extra $20 million a year so they can do even more of their important work. #Working4NZ

We’ll invest in 60 new palliative care nurse specialist and educator roles to improve training and support across aged residential care, GP practices and home-based support services. #Working4NZ

3 Responses to Caring for the dying

  1. Andrei says:

    Now you are talking – of course hospices are also community funded, the Government should take the lead and the community i.e. you and me should follow that lead and contribute as we can

    This is how we can help create the humane society we all aspire to

  2. macdoctor01 says:

    More training of GPs in Palliative care would be a useful addition. Terminal patients see their GP at least as often as a hospice nurse, barring the last couple of weeks of life. Yet GPs are poorly trained in palliative care in general and are often reluctant to use adequate doses of analgesics and anti emetics, simply because the large doses required are out of their experience and “comfort zone”.

    GP training would be money well spent – with a high “bang for the buck”

  3. archrival1 says:

    [Deleted, off-topic. I am sorry to delete your first comment but I made it clear yesterday I would delete anything off-topic.

    You are welcome to leave this comment on the Saturday soapbox post where this issue was discussed.]

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