Working for every man and his dog . . .

The left like to demonise the National Party as being interested only in the top end of town.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

The party is a very broad church with people of all ages, occupations and incomes.

To achieve its vision of a safe, prosperous and successful New Zealand that creates opportunities for all New Zealanders to reach their personal goals and dreams it has to have policies that work for all of us.

That must take account of the fact that some, for a variety of reasons, will need more help than others.

This is why the government has focussed on the quality of its spending – to make sure scarce public money is spent where it is needed most and where it will do most good.

One example of this is the wrap-around care being given to teenage parents on benefits.

They get one-to-one support from someone who gives them the help they need to help themselves and their children.

Helping these young women care for themselves and their children, get educational qualifications and ultimately jobs has social and financial benefits.

These families are less likely to be long-term beneficiaries with the risks that go with it including poorer education and health outcomes and a greater likelihood of being involved in crime.

Putting them on a more positive pathway is better for them and for the rest of us.

This isn’t cheap. But spending more money at the start will lead to bigger savings in the long term.

National is working for New Zealand and all New Zealanders – every man, woman and their dogs – and at least one dog is working for National:

National is working for all New Zealanders, even four-legged ones! #TeamKey

One Response to Working for every man and his dog . . .

  1. murray grimwood says:

    You clearly have not learned much in the last few years. Or, of course, you can’t admit to having done so.

    We are up against the planetary-support limits now, went past peak conventional oil in 2005, scratching in the dregs now. Growth – never possible within any finite sphere of operations – had to cease, and essentially has. (GDP is a false measure, the only valid measure is all-inclusive real-time monitoring). It has ceased with only 1 billion living at our level, and no possibility of any more. On a planet which can sustainably (that doesn’t include your kind of farming) support about 2 billion, long term.

    The joke is that the Greens recent claim that you can deal with ‘child poverty’ is equally as ignorant. Money is just a forward proxy – an expectation that you can buy goods/services in the future. If the supply of goods/services cannot be maintained, or if the attempt crashes the global ecosystem, then having ‘money’ is pointless; a stupid goal.

    Of course, in pointing that out, you’d have to concede that you-lot were trying to gate your community, in social terms. Bit hard, one suspects. Bit pointless too – you can’t gate-out the weather, or pollution, or probably the 5 billion overshoot-refugees.

    What we need are leaders for the future, not the past. For them to be elected, we need an informed population. To have an informed population, you need investigative journalism.


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