Older voters not buying Labour’s bribe

Labour support is at a new low:

The Stuff.co.nz/Ipsos Political Poll has National on 55.10 per cent, virtually unchanged from July, while Labour has sunk to 22.5, down 2.4 percentage points.

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The poll, of at least 1,000 New Zealand residents who are eligible to vote, is a kick in the guts to Labour, which has steadily bled support since this time last year.  On today’s numbers it would lose five MPs to just 29, putting even some senior front bench MPs at risk.  

National would comfortably govern alone with 72 seats. The Greens are on 11.3 per cent while Internet-Mana’s higher profile has lifted its support to 2.1 per cent. A surprise mover are the Conservatives, which have jumped to 3.4 per cent, level pegging with NZ First. . .



The left block is down, even with Internet Mana. It is taking radical support from within the left and scaring more reasonable people away from it.

Kelvin Davis wouldn’t have a chance on the list at this low level of support for Labour which will intensify his efforts in Te Tai Tokerau.

Ironically it’s David Cunliffe’s yeah-nahing about working with Internet Mana which is damaging Labour. His failure to match his verbal support for Davis over Hone Harawira  is damaging not just the Labour candidate but the party.

The poll was taken from last Saturday until yesterday, so most people were contacted after Labour’s campaign launch and the announcement of free GP visits to people aged 65 and older.

Kiwiblog has the breakdown of respondents supporting Labour :

Labour’s support by demographic is:

  • Men 18%
  • Women 27%
  • Auckland 25%
  • Upper NI 16%
  • Wellington 23%
  • Lower NI 30%
  • Canterbury 14%
  • SI 27%
  • Under 30s 26%
  • 30 to 44 25%
  • 45 to 64 21%
  • 65+ 19%

It is reassuring to see that the older people that Labour is trying to woo have more sense than the party and aren’t buying its bribe.

P.S. I was phoned for the poll but they had already met their quote for my age and location.

17 Responses to Older voters not buying Labour’s bribe

  1. Andrei says:

    Alas there is only one viable choice for voters in this election and that is National – everybody except the diehard, closed minded, supporters of the other parties knows it

    A major problem National faces though is they won’t have anything like enough high quality people to fill the list seats they will probably gain and there will be a lot of real dross in the next Parliament on National’s benches even worse than this term when we saw such luminaries as

    Aaron Gilmore
    Claudette Hauiti

    Reason number 1721 why MMP sucks


  2. homepaddock says:

    If only more people shared your view there is only one viable choice.

    I agree with your view of MMP but not your opinion of those towards the end of National’s list. As a member of the list ranking committee I’m bound by confidentiality but the public information on candidates should reassure you.


  3. Dave Kennedy says:

    Andrei under the list ranking system there is a way of ensuring the ‘dross’ are placed low on the list. You forget that dross often get into parliament because of being placed in a ‘safe’ seat. I actually believe getting high quality people into Parliament should be an important consideration and this shouldn’t necessarily be party dependent.

    While policy is important we still need competent Ministers who are capable of making the day to day decisions necessary to keep Government functioning efficiently. National shouldn’t need a Mr Fixit to continually step in to tidy up messes that shouldn’t have occurred in the first place.

    A telling difference between the Greens and National is that the Greens’ use sources like the Parliamentary Library, wide consultation and independent economic advisors to support policy and activity, while John Key and Judith Collins obviously rely heavily on Cameron Slater as a major source of information and as a communicator of propaganda.

    I myself constantly link and reference the majority of my claims, and am open to being proven wrong, but I note that much on Whale Oil is innuendo and scuttlebutt and those with dissenting views are just personally abused. The differences in political management and style are clear and the likes of Cameron Slater should not have a Government supported role in our political discourse.


  4. Andrei says:

    A telling difference between the Greens and National is that the Greens’ use sources like the Parliamentary Library, wide consultation and independent economic advisors to support policy and activity, while John Key and Judith Collins obviously rely heavily on Cameron Slater as a major source of information and as a communicator of propaganda.

    Damn you Dave Kennedy, you just made me spray coffee all over my computer screen.


  5. Paranormal says:

    “I myself constantly link and reference the majority of my claims, and am open to being proven wrong,” Insert Tui ad here.


  6. Dave Kennedy says:

    Paranormal, you have evidence otherwise 😉


  7. Mr E says:

    “the likes of Cameron Slater should not have a Government supported role”

    Yet we have Kim Dotcom – actively involved in personal abuse, innuendo, and scuttlebutt-ism. Yet so many of the Greens support KDC.

    What about you Dave. Do you think KDC should have a Government role?

    A simple yes or no would suffice.


  8. Gravedodger says:

    Whereas you Mr Kennedy have incontrovertible evidence of National party funding streams for the Whale Oil Blog.
    Ask the fairies at the bottom of your garden why a paid entity can continually run a campaign against Party president Peter Goodfellow, dodgy electorate selections, idiot failed and poor performing Nat MPs and retain the funding that exists only in your fevered mind.

    Get on message, Slater’s Blog was formed and exists on a network of contacts who deliver him information on the assured basis such sources will not be revealed.
    The Network has within it friends and acquaintances of his family, Dad was the Party president and also Nationals opponents who are dismayed at some of the goings on around unions, public servants and other opposition people wanting to expose perceived wrongs to sunlight.
    Slater was an active member of the party before his unorthodox attitudes and commitment to what he saw as principles led to his membership being suspended.
    Jason Ede was and I understand still is a mate of Slater, yet do you seriously expect others to believe bloggers at Frogblog, The Standard , The Daily Blog to never involve with mates.
    Sheesh, Ede is a publicity person for The PM’s office

    Please stop making shit up to support your fairytale dreamtime world.

    Then of course upstanding totally unbiased bloggers such as Greg Presland, Martyn Bradbury, your BiL and Co are so much more credible, honest and believable than the devil incarnate Cameron Slater, because they are not paid or politically motivated either.


  9. homepaddock says:

    “and the likes of Cameron Slater should not have a Government supported role in our political discourse.” – he doesn’t have any support from the government. If you read his blog you’ll see he’s just as likely to attack the government and its members as he is parties and politicians from across the spectrum.


  10. Dave Kennedy says:

    “Yet so many of the Greens support KDC.”
    I don’t see that myself. While I personally thought his illegal treatment by this Government was appalling but I am confused by what motivates him and have no great desire to be involved in a party funded by him.


  11. Dave Kennedy says:

    I have no problem with bloggers having their own views or even supporting particular parties. What I do have a problem with are bloggers who are happy to put their name under other people’s work for a price, be the front for dirty campaigns and actually publish the most appallingly bigoted and obscene comments I have read on any blog. The fact that such bloggers are close friends of Ministers of of the crown and are fed confidential information for political ends also rings alarm bells for me.


  12. Mr E says:

    Was that a Yeah or a Nah?
    Or a Yeah Nah?


  13. Dave Kennedy says:

    Nah, KDC shouldn’t be able to use his money to buy himself a Government role. He should become a full citizen and get voted in.


  14. Mr E says:

    And if IMP become a governing coalition necessity, will you support that coalition?


  15. Dave Kennedy says:

    If it was a choice between giving a corrupt government another term and letting them totally destroy our public education system (as they almost have) and a coalition with IMP, I would go for the latter. I have experienced too many things personally under this Government to trust them an inch, I am aware of much more than what featured in Hager’s book that has also occurred that is similar or worse.


  16. Gravedodger says:

    Mr Kennedy, since a position on where one stood over the SAR tour to NZ 33 years ago is deemed so relevant, what was “your” stance on the unequivocal support afforded to Philip Field by Clark, Cullen, Simpson and The GP et al a mere decade ago that only ended when P Field threatened to form a PI party in South Auckland?
    To refresh your memory Kennedy, the entire socialist, GP, Anderton party conspiracy defended PF over criminal wrong doing that eventuated in his going to prison following the blanket of protection being removed and dragged aside. All done to protect a wafer thin majority in the Parliament gained by criminal use of Parliamentary spend later legislated to prevent Darnton Vs Clark reaching judicial repercussions.

    Now that was disgusting dirty politics with proven criminality being assigned to Field yet those who conspired to protect him were and still are completely without stain in the eyes of you and your duplicitous mates????
    That whole unseemly disgusting mess of pottage was all in the media and freely available to all.
    Wonder when you will see, what many if not most unbiased observers have concluded, that Hagar’s “book” is a few chapters of smear, innuendo, and baseless fairy tales cobbled from joining widely spaced dots from illegally obtained emails supposedly protected by the privacy act.
    No it is not OK when socialists do it, much as that goes against the grain of your ,,,, geez I nearly said thinking, mindless acceptance of GIGO.


  17. Paranormal says:

    All of this would be just a storm in a teacup if House of Cards was compulsory viewing at school. The fact that politics is a dirty business and no side is clean should be crystal clear to all.

    Stephen Franks made some very good comments on State Radio Friday morning on the leaking of information and why it should be considered a good thing. Well worth the listen to someone that has been there.

    And DK – proof of my comment can be found pretty much every time you link to something. When it is pointed out to you the link doesn’t back up your argument, you just carry on undeterred. Seen as you asked, a more apt description for you would be sanctimonious and closed minded. But thats to be expected from the Greens.


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