Word of the day

Lacuna – an empty or unfilled space; a gap; missing part; hiatus; a cavity or depression, especially in bone.

Hat tip: Rob Hosking

6 Responses to Word of the day

  1. RBG says:

    Plural ‘lacunae’ and that would be refering to the skulls of Slater, Ede, Collins and co who somehow imagined that the internet was secure and were dumb enough to conspire and plot by email. Poetic justice that those who support the right to spy on ordinary NZers should be exposed in this way. Have my copy of Hagar’s book on order (important to support investigative journalists) looking forward to reading more about prisoners being moved, leaders of other political parties being encouraged to resign, declassification of SIS documents and more.

  2. homepaddock says:

    RBG – the reference was to the gaps between Hager’s evidence and what he says the evidence means.

    Funny how those who oppose spying by police and GSCB with very stringent safeguards think it’s okay for anyone at all to steal other people’s correspondence.

  3. RBG says:

    None of hacking, theft or spying on law abiding citizens are OK. Being interested in the information that has been released does not mean someone condones the means by which that information was obtained. Those on the left have known for sometime that internet communication may not be private and don’t have sympathy for the right wing bullies who naively thought otherwise.

  4. homepaddock says:

    Old communications – letters, telegrams, . . . could have been stolen from homes and offices too but if you’d locked your doors and taken other security precautions only thieves could get them.

    How sad that that taking the electronic equivalent of locks and bars – because it’s not just the left who knows the dangers of internet security – gets you labelled naïve when someone breaks them and steals your property.

    Several of the people named in the book have refuted the conclusions Hager drew from the stolen material leading credence to Hosking’s statement about the lacunae between what he’s got and what he says it means.

  5. Ray says:

    “Being interested in the information that has been released does not mean someone condones the means by which that information was obtained. ”
    A very common trait of those on the left.
    It’s called “moral disengagement”, or in simpler terms, “the end justifies the means.”

  6. Roger Barton says:

    RBG has neatly and accurately accused Kim Dot Con of doing what the supposed “right” do….hacking information. What I can’t work out is whether kdc is left, right or just a mongrel.

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