Will he, won’t he?

Labour leader David Cunliffe has said several times that it would be highly unlikely that the Internet Mana Party would be part of a Labour-led government, but he wouldn’t rule anything out until after the election.

Yesterday he changed his tune and said on Breakfast:

“. . . We’ve ruled out working with Mana in government  as well. I’ve said yesterday, I’ve said before Mana will not be part of a government I lead fullstop.”

That seemed to shut the door but  the story on RadioNZ opened it again:

. . . On Tuesday he took that a step further, saying Internet-Mana would not be part of a Government that he leads. However, that still leaves the door open to a confidence and supply agreement. . .

That leaves the question of will he or won’t he do a deal with Hone Harawira and the rest of Kim Dotcom’s puppets without a definitive answer.

He could remove any doubt by showing he supports Labour’s candidate in Te Tai Tokerau, Kelvin Davis, in his quest to win the seat.

Until, and unless, he does that voters should take into account that the chances he will come to some sort of deal with Internet Mana – together or separately – are far greater than the chances he won’t.

He is desperate to become Prime Minister and with his own party polling so poorly he’ll need every other party he can get to cobble together a majority.

He’ll do anything he can to get what he wants, even if it means sacrificing his own candidate to ensure Harawira holds his seat.

4 Responses to Will he, won’t he?

  1. Nick K says:

    Let’s say he ruled out Mana. And let’s say he ruled out Internet-Mana. But has he ruled out the Internet Party?


  2. Southern says:

    He said on the radio this morning that they will not be in Government, and the left wing Luddite from Bluff asked if that meant they would be on the cross benches, Cunliffe couldn’t argue against that.


  3. Seems like the “will he?” option is still valid:

    Firstline @FirstlineNZ · 2h

    Cunliffe says Internet Mana could still support Labour outside Government – won’t rule out working with them altogether.


  4. jabba says:

    DC wants to be PM so bad it hurts .. IF he does get the job later this year, I will be highly upset BUT I will feel so sorry for the guy .. leader of a cot case Govt destined to implode


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