Grasp the opporutnity

This election is one of the most important ones in my lifetime.

We’ve got a choice of backing National so it can continue leading a stable government with policies that are working for New Zealand.

Or we can elect an unstable government led by a weak Labour Party with support from the Green, New Zealand first and Internet Mana Parties.

We can vote for a National-led government that will continue taking New Zealand forwards.

Or we can elect Labour and the GIMPs, supported by NZ First, to take us backwards.

We can grasp the best opportunity in a generation for sustained and sustainable growth.

Or we can let it go and return to the failed policies of the noughties and even further back.

We are proud of what we’ve done, but there is so much more to do. #Working4NZ #TeamKey

3 Responses to Grasp the opporutnity

  1. Neil says:

    Every election I can remember in my 72 years has been the most important in your lifetime. You are opening up management to all comers in NZ INC. Some CV’s look good others are rank outsiders.
    I’m sure HP you are very neutral in your comments !! I am too !!! However we need to have constructive debates on subjects like.
    1.Poverty and the answers to it.How much iunequality is there in NZ ?
    2.Capital Gains taxes and higher taxation.
    3. Welfare- Throwing money at it or tailoring for specific needs.
    4. Water
    5.The size and nature of the state.
    6.Education- How can we break those 20% of perennial failures.
    What concerns me is the absence of balanced opposition parties ready to govern in 2014, let alone 2017. I don’t think Labour will be ready until 2020.


  2. homepaddock says:

    You are right that every election is important, Neil but some, like this, where the policies of the parties and direction a new government would take us are so different, are more important.

    The issues you raise are all important.


  3. Gravedodger says:

    I agree with much of the tenor of your Post Ele.
    The 2002 result had the left with NZLP on 52 seats plus Jamberton lusting for relevance on 2 seats and The ubiquitous Peter Dunne with 8 seats for 62.
    Clark shored up her C & S with the Greens who had nowhere else to go.
    The splintered Right of Center was Nats with 27 ACT with 9 and who knows Peters first with 13 leaving the Labour led government stable.

    The big difference this time is the far more splintered left of center and on current polling with a very weakened biggest party around 30 seats needing as many again from possibly six disparate ideologically and/or ego driven parties and the very odd presence of a massive funder with one reward in his sights to avoid extradition.

    With their already major disagreements on basics such as mineral exploitation, dairying, along with economics, work, welfare and immigration base lines this election is indeed, as our host outlines very significant.

    This year I am for the first time being very proactive in engaging with as many as possible as to political awareness across the age and activity spectrum and one recurring theme excites and at the same time dismays me.

    The total ignorance as to what the fundamental differences are and the stakes in play.
    A couple of “blue rinses” have expresses an intention to vote away from National and when pressed suggest John Key is slippery, when asked to put that up against Mr c’s acknowledged secret trusts a glimmer of hope returns.
    Far too many who rely on the shallow to zero assessments of the true Green Party policy mix pretend they had no idea they were now hard left socialists, they are nostalgically laboring under the mantra they were going to save the whales and dolphins and the planet along the way.

    As for a failed Alliance Rump now adopting the mantle of Internet promotion as an addon to the racist rants from the scion of the Hadfield thugs Yoof are being handed a straight banana and that apparition wont last much longer than any banana in a chiller.

    The fractured NZLP with its rainbow, union, and totally dissolved remnant concerns for workers leading such an ego driven smorgasbord is scary enough without adding in the personality cult of the old soak from St Marys Bay as he dreams of a last hurrah.
    A piddling ex mayor, Dennis O’Corner Section with two letter boxes, a spokes person for Wogistan, and the much celebrated Arse Lole Taylor, sheesh.

    Yet some polls have the nightmare not only close but at times in front.

    Good post HP and very timely, Niel’s comment only made the shambles clearer.
    Poverty indeed, we seem to be of a similar age yet our view on Poverty seems streets apart.
    For me it is a poverty of spirit, a poverty of ambition, a poverty or should that be abdication of any shred of personal responsibility, and so much of the malaise that surely afflicts this nation, welfare is perpetrating and promoting the problem front and center.

    Just as my hopes were dashed last night in Sydney by the narrowest of margins, Saturday September the 20th could be equally disappointing but should that happen the ramifications will not be able to be dismissed as only a game, this election has much more at stake.


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