Tied up for Tony

Parliament will be especially colourful today.

The best Health Minister in recent times, Tony Ryall, is delivering his valedictory speech this afternoon and his National Party colleagues are getting all tied up in tribute to his sartorial splendour:

Photo: On the day of his Valedictory Speech, National MPs are emulating Tony Ryall's infamous shirt-and-tie combos in tribute to an exceptional career.

2 Responses to Tied up for Tony

  1. Allan says:

    That is just great. It is fantastic to see such a fabulous team spirit in the National Caucus. John Key and the other Senior members have done a fantastic job in creating this with everybody working towards the common goal of a better NZ. The Labour Party and it’s members must look upon this with envy when they compare the toxicity of their Caucus with the infighting and back stabbing of the various factions in the group. I shudder to think what the situation would be like should the Coalition of losers ie Labour,Greens,NZ First & Internet/Mana Parties got into Government. There would be no actual governance at all as there would be too much in fighting so nothing would be achieved. NZ deserves better than that.


  2. alwyn says:

    Now I understand the following comment in Parliament.

    “Hon David Cunliffe : Complimenting the Government on its sartorial elegance for once”

    I was reading through Question Time on the Parliamentary website and this didn’t make any sense until I saw this in your blog. All is now clear.


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