It’s not about the scarf

David Cunliffe has said a lot of sorrys recently, the latest and silliest is for his scarf:

. . . After being criticised for his red scarf, Mr Cunliffe says he won’t wear it as much.

“You know what – I reserve the right to put it back on occasionally,” he says. “But it won’t be on every day… I quite like the colour red.” . . .

If anyone’s vote is influenced by a scarf they deserve what they get.

It’s not about the scarf, it’s about the fact that it looked like part of a costume for a part he’s playing and his wearing it seemed  affected as a lot of what Cunliffe does and says does.

One of the big criticisms of him is that he’s a different man to different audiences and that he’s not comfortable in his own skin.

When he gets down to being sorry for his scarf, is it any wonder?



8 Responses to It’s not about the scarf

  1. J Bloggs says:

    He should’ve said “I’ll wear what I damn well like”, and worn it into the debating chamber – turned it into a rallying point, much like SPB’s red socks – from Labours point of view, there are worse things to be rallying around than a red scarf. He could use it as a rhetorical point in his speeches and campaign debates – the symbolism would appeal to the diehard union labour base, and it would be whimsical enough to garner some support from elsewhere.

    But that would mean actually having the conviction to carry it all the way through the election campaign…….

  2. Gravedodger says:

    Quite difficult when he starts from the position of one sorry after another.
    Nek minit he will be sorry for exhaling CO2.

    Don Brash was executed by the media for “walking a plank”, at 67 I was impressed with the recovery, many lesser people would have got wet.

    Mr c is in a difficult place and recovery is not so likely.

  3. pdm says:

    What a dickhead – and he wants to be Prime Minister.

    Not in my lifetime.

  4. Mr E says:

    I have to say.
    I am starting to feel sorry for the guy. I know I shouldn’t because he fought for the position. But I can’t help it. I do.

    He has obviously very little support from behind him. It shows. A strong labour team would brush of silly little fopauxs. This one seems to be bogged in them.

  5. Southern says:

    the term is “promoted beyond ones ability”

  6. Gravedodger says:

    Have a cold shower Mr E and get a grip.
    He arrived at his summit using tactics that reprehensible is more accurate as a description than dedicated.

    He had precious little chance of gaining a majority among his Caucus and they are/were best placed to assess his true worth.
    Sans the union bloc vote placed with almost no reference to individual members, I think Robertson would have won.

    He is arrogant, opinionated, bullying, disloyal and allegedly bone lazy, going skiing in the battle of his political survival was entirely in character.
    He has made his bed and few wish to share it so he deserves little beyond what he is getting.

    “They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind”, Hosea 8:7

    For me the biggest drawback and threat to our democracy is the disintegration of the opposition into what is now a nightmare of factionalism and philosophical beliefs with no regard to working together for all.
    The obese foreigner and his pot of gold will pass but he is really only a leaky lifeboat for the few he thinks will assist his agenda but as for the rest, post war Italy with its annual governments seems the mark of political stability when compared to the massive egos with single issues at present on offer as an alternative.

  7. JC says:

    I think it was the same interview he said he was going to stick to “my knitting.. my Labour knitting”.. and my apolitical wife exclaimed “He’s doing it again!”

    Keep it simple and don’t qualify, DC.


  8. TraceyS says:

    Mr E I can sympathise with you. Particularly the other night on Seven Sharp when Nigel Latta said:

    “David Cunliffe’s the policitican everyone loves to hate.”


    “Well there’s all sorts of reasons for that…”

    Nigel! That was sharp indeed.

    When someone as popular as Nigel Latta is saying this sort of thing then David should realise that he’s really up against it.

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