How to apologise properly

Transport Minister Gerry Bronlee shows how to apologise properly:

Earlier today, running late for a plane at Christchurch Airport, I without thought breached airport and airline security rules by entering the gate lounge through a door usually used for exit only.

Running late for a plane is no excuse for bypassing a security check.

In doing this I have broken aviation rules and put individuals who hold responsible positions in upholding public security in a compromised position.

My actions were thoughtless and I unreservedly apologise to those people who felt and were compromised by my actions.

No one else is to blame.

I have offered my resignation as the Minister of Transport to the Prime Minister.

There are no excuses for what he did, he makes none, accepts full responsibility and apologises sincerely and without reservations.

4 Responses to How to apologise properly

  1. Bruce Whitehead says:

    I find it a bit sad that National MP’s are made via media pressure, etc to live to a very high standard, and that he has offered his resignation over what appears to be an honest mistake, yet opposition MP’s get a free ride, especially as some of them are in cohorts with a foreigner on the run from the FBI, who just happens to like Nazi artifacts & thinks rape jokes are funny.

  2. Gravedodger says:

    One thing is certain Gerry would struggle to slip by any where un-noticed, good on him though.

  3. Captain Fantastic says:

    Well done Jerry,
    But any apology would look good when compared to the effort Cunliffe made when he ” apologized for being ……a…..a…..a…man”.
    This identity crisis still makes me chuckle. Just made myself feel better. As good as a flat white.

  4. Southern says:

    we can be sure he wasn’t hurrying for the quality meal that Air NZ puts on, vege crisps wouldn’t even touch the sides for Jerry.
    Good on him for fronting, wait for the hysteric wailing and burning of flags over this one……

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