Some would owe us

Stephen Franks has an innovative suggestion on incentive pay for MPs:

. . . When the Remuneration Authority was asking MPs about reform of the system 10 years ago, I urged that parties be given a material amount they could distribute among their members according to their pre-Parliament incomes, to do three things:

  • reduce the income cut involved in going to Parliament for people for whom there is much more to lose, and
  • reduce the overpayment of the kind or people who would never be thought useful enough outside Parliament to get anywhere near their Parliamentary income, so they don’t cling quite so desperately to their places; and
  • have the supplement reduce each year after entry to Parliament, to encourage turnover of people who have not progressed. . .

It would be very interesting to know how many MPs take a pay cut when they enter parliament and how many get an increase.

I can see why Franks’ suggestion could appeal but wages and salary are best based on what people are being paid to do rather than what they did in a previous position.

An MP like mine, Waitaki’s Jacqui Dean, has to service an electorate of 34,888 square kilometres which places far more demands on her than those with smaller electorates or in parliament through a party list.

However, while paying on performance would have appeal, how to judge that would be debatable.

Although this Twitter exchange, brought to my attention by Kiwiblog,  provides evidence some MPs are paid far more than they could possibly gain outside parliament:

Asenati Lole Taylor  could be a Minister in a Labour, Green, NZ First, Internet Mana Party government.

If this exchange is a fair reflection on her competence and she was paid on performance she’d owe us.

2 Responses to Some would owe us

  1. Southern says:

    It is a stunning insight into her thinking and how off line she is. To think one can get information from the Internet in seconds, esp info like who actually has control over the reserve bank, and this lady is too lazy / stupid / incompetent to even bother before opening her mouth, or hitting the keys.
    Often one sees in these blogs, on twitter or the like, a politician who prefers to fight the fight rather than the facts, they then use bullying tactics, and what I term as cyber fighting to try and prove their worth. They wont stand and scrap it out, they prefer to hide, hunched over their keyboard pretending they matter.
    She reminds me of a prevalent commentator on this blog……where are you bOb, we miss you


  2. Gravedodger says:

    Thats torn it Southern, poor bugger is coping with a bunch of polls that fail to deliver anything for team red and he has no panadol.
    I did think Jabba might have returned the Faux sympathy in spades but it is all quiet eh.
    I for one am liking it.


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