For those who don’t do queues

One of the benefits of living in a country with not many people is that we don’t have to do a lot of queuing.

That is particularly so when you live in the country and do most of your shopping and socialising in a small town.

The problem with that is we tend to get a wee bit impatient if we have to queue.

People who live in more populous places are used to queuing more and for longer.

That doesn’t mean they like it and that’s what planted the seed for a business:

Impatience has a price. Robert Samuel pegs it at $25 for the first hour and $10 for each additional half hour.

Samuel is founder and owner of S.O.L.D. or Same Ole Line Dudes, a professional line-sitting company that fields requests to wait (and wait and wait) for everything from sneaker launches to concert tickets.

“Whatever you want, we wait for it,” he said. . .

The idea for SOLD sprang out of an unemployment stint for Samuel after he was fired by AT&T—ironically for being late.

To make some quick cash, he posted a Craigslist ad offering line-sitting services for an Apple iPhone launch. After a 19-hour wait (his longest) for the gadget, Samuel made $325 and an idea was born.

“I just put the idea in my back pocket, and I’m like ‘Wow, this is a money-making opportunity.’ Let me hold on to this,” he said.

A few months later, he launched Same Ole Line Dude. “Dude” turned plural as business picked up. . .

Time is money  and this business would be very attractive for people with enough of the latter to afford to pay someone to save them wasting too much of the former.

One Response to For those who don’t do queues

  1. JC says:

    We mightn’t like queuing but the Anglosphere does it better than any other.. its even thought to be why we have led the world for so long.

    Respect for the law and fairness, patience to achieve an objective and orderliness are virtues for queuing and military and civil prowess follow on from that same discipline.



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