Rabble of competing parties

Tracy Watkins writes on the problem the Internet Mana Party, and Laila Harre, pose for the Greens:

. . . The threat posed to the Greens by IMP is three-fold. There is likely to be a crossover in their appeal to the same voters, though maybe not to a huge extent. A lot depends on whether voters fix on Dotcom, or Harre, as the face of the Internet Party. Unless Harre succeeds at radically remaking herself, they would seem to speak to vastly different constituencies.

IMP’s resources will create a lot of noise, however, and the Greens’ static polling suggests it is suffering from a lack of oxygen due to the focus on the minor parties – not just IMP, but the Conservatives. At this stage in the electoral cycle the Greens would normally expect to be climbing in support. Signs of a more aggressive approach toward the media this week suggest a sense of urgency about pushing back.

But the biggest threat posed to the Greens by IMP is that which it also poses to Labour. Its presence turns the Left-wing bloc into a rabble of competing parties and interest groups.

The Greens have been hugely focused in recent years on making themselves less scary to the average voter and presenting the Greens as a credible, known and stable partner in any future Labour-Green government (though Labour hasn’t always appreciated their overtures).

That message is undermined the weaker Labour gets, and the more reliant it looks to be on IMP to get there.

But Labour is sufficiently weakened that it can’t decisively rule IMP out. And given her history, Harre won’t make it easy for Labour or the Greens to do so – either before or after the election if she is in a position to force her way into a seat around the table.

Dim Post sheds some light on the  toxicity of the Green Internet Party relationship:

In the hypothetical Labour/Green/New Zealand First/Mana/Internet Party coalition that voters are being asked to put in charge of the country this election year, its hard to figure out which inter-party relationship is the most poisonous, or who would like to destroy whom the most. But now that Laila Harre’s gone and started pre-releasing Green Party policy on the same day as the Greens and justified it on the basis that she worked for the Green Party for fifteen months, and therefore owns all their intellectual property, somehow, I’m gonna nominate the Green/Internet Mana relationship as, from here on in, probably the most toxic. . .

The weaker Labour is the more power any of the wee parties it would have to rely on for a majority become.

Many of those in the centre are already put off by the prospect of the Green Party in government.

Add the Internet Mana party pulling even further left and bad blood between Harre and the Greens and the rabble of competing parties looks even less like a government in waiting and more and more like a recipe for radical left policies, infighting and instability.

13 Responses to Rabble of competing parties

  1. Tracey has completely misread the political landscape of the Left. We love each other, want to be together, will do anything we can to make it happen…and we’ve barely started our campaign to become the Government. We’re so talented and adroit, determined and focussed, and with lots of money in our pockets, we’re on a roll!


  2. Looking for signs of commonality? Winston’s green Railways Policy.
    We’re on track for victory!


  3. Wee National, otoh, are nothing but controversy and trivialities.

    CateOwen: National news this morning: Our PM took a selfie while on holiday.

    Hold my earrings.


  4. Mr E says:

    “will do anything we can to make it happen”

    Yes anything.

    Unprincipled anything?


  5. We are not the National Party, Mr e.


  6. Two pro-clean river policies in just a few days?
    Looks like the environment is high on the list of importance this election. Fantastic to see Internet/MANA and the Greens both front-footing it against the background of National’s “only good enough to wade in” policy.
    This is exciting!


  7. Andrei says:

    Most people I know have pretty much given up on this election – it is like some really awful reality show involving the Kardashians except for the players are not as pretty nor do they have sightly bums – indeed they do not.


  8. Most people I know are excited by the direction this election has taken and very supportive of the “rabble” as Ele casts us, knowing that change is in the wind and those who have for so long been appalled by the behaviour of this Government, its ministers and leader, will get relief in the form of whatever aspect of the coalition that they support the most. Exciting times, fun and games.


  9. Mr E says:

    Yes the funny old Green party and their funny old policies.

    What makes me laugh is around 48% of our waterways are defined as “predominantly indigenous forest”

    Approximately 8% of them are at ‘alert status’ for contact recreation based on their ecoli status.

    That is 16,000 km of Native bush rivers that need cleaned up. How do we do that? Kill some of the wildlife? Provide corks to Tourists? Maybe little doggy bags?

    16,000km is roughly from Auckland to Invercargill 10 times. That’s all. Easy.

    Approximately 4% of the Native bush rivers are getting worse – That is another 8,000km. Should they be managed too?

    And this is before we look at Pasture land.

    Greens – Wow. So easy for me to support. They’re so clever and practical.


  10. When I read Ele’s “rabble”, I think; Creepy Colin Craig, Cousin’ loving’ Mr Whyte, John Banks, The Maori Party and puffed-out Peter Dunne!!
    Was there ever such a rabble as that lot?


  11. Gravedodger says:

    A serious sadness Guyton, is that your nasty comments here are rightly treated with contempt and do not make one iota of impact on a sensible reasonable intelligent readership.
    You never produce anything as contemptuous at your Blog and that is a pity.
    If your demented rantings were exposed to a wider audience they would consign you to the oblivion you clearly seek.

    You often take me to task for my language and suggest it somehow lessens my credibility yet you do the same and revel in the hypocrisy.
    So I will call you;
    What has Colin Craig done to deserve the descriptive “creepy”?
    Likewise what evidence do you have to form an image of Jamie Whyte as “Cousin Loving”, what exactly were you implying and when did loving family members become the political negative you choose to promulgate?
    Did you imply Peter Dunne as short of breath or something else?

    ps Not expecting a reasoned reply but it is an opportunity.


  12. Gravedodger asks; “What has Colin Craig done to deserve the descriptive “creepy”?”
    This is a stunningly out-of-touch question, Gravedodger and even those who don’t oppose Craig and have seen his “photo-shoot in the dunes” images say he creeps them out, big-time! His expressions of desire around smacking his own children and claim to be doing it and to be planning to do more of it, despite the law??? Creepy hardly begins to describe him. Have you read any of his anti-Key.National material? Creepy to the power of 10. I don’t know, GD, if you haven’t picked up on the creepiness by now, you won’t get what I’m talking about, so I’ll leave you with your bromance for Colin.
    Jamie Whyte – just to recap, made comments about incest and his belief that consenting cousins/siblings should be ‘left to get on with it’ – yes? Is this what you remember? Google will clarify your confusion. Perhaps “creepy” would best be applied to Whyte and Craig left just “kinda creepy”. Either way, the John Key/Whyte/Craig coalition thing looks icky.
    And yes, my language, it’s very provocative, I know, but discussing these options for a National Government can’t be done without mentioning the appalling options it has to embrace, can it?


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