Right on top of blog rankings

Open Parachute’s monthly blog rankings show the right on top:

Visit Rank Blog Visits/month Page Views/month
1 Whale oil beef hooked 1758095 2957997
2 Kiwiblog 445721 771086
3 The Daily Blog 218234 345266
4 The Standard 201495 443470
5 Auckland Transport Blog 155853 160244
6 Throng New Zealand 53729 94004
7 The Dim-Post 53509 75134
8 Sciblogs 39662 50631
9 Liturgy 36160 50478
10 Keeping Stock 33807 53244
11 No Right Turn 26757 35029
12 Homepaddock 26471 36951
13 NewZeal 21726 35094
14 No Minister 20898 27292
15 Music of sound 14879 18833
16 Imperator Fish 13552 17547
17 13th Floor 12544 17630
18 Save our schools NZ 12355 14307
19 Keith Johnson Wellington NZ 12120 12574
20 Offsetting Behaviour 11835 16377


The combined total of the top left-wing blogs, which are at third and fourth, is still less than Kiwiblog which is second and miles from Whale Oil in first place.

Dim Post from the left is seventh and Keeping Stock from the right is 10th. I’m at 12, No Minister, which is more right than not is at 14th and Imperator Fish which is left is 16th.

I ditched Sitemeter because I kept getting a window asking me to sign in to it and now rely on StatCounter to record visits:




3 Responses to Right on top of blog rankings

  1. Angry Tory says:

    Just goes to show what the polls have been saying since 2008 – John Key is the prettier face on Helen Clark’s policies that all Kiwis love.

    After all: even ACT is now supporting Welfare For Families, Parental Leave, with all the trimmings…

    But I still think Cam is wasted as a blogger: he should be NZ’s Beppe Grillo, making and breaking governments.


  2. Gravedodger says:

    not very into tech stuff but so glad sitemeter has gone.
    I tried every manouver to get that bloody box to do the decent thing.

    your great work is rated Ele and along with Iv2 terrific recognition of the selfless efforts as sole blogger as you are and the sole blogger you have when you dont have one at KS.


  3. Well done Ele; it’s great to see you edging towards the Open Parachute Top 10.

    With regard to Sitemeter vs Statcounter, I still run the former, but after it lost about two weeks of traffic either side of the beginning of June I asked Ken to rely on my Statcounter numbers. There’s only minimal variance between the two, but Statcounter seems to be more robust.


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