Moa madness

Trevor Mallard election winning strategy is to bring back the moa.

Does this mean he:

a) Is acting in his capacity as a member of the ABC – Anyone But Cunliffe – club.

b) Is trying to distract us from something good National is doing.

c) Is trying to distract us from something bad that Labour is doing.

d) Is aiming for a back to the future version of Mike Moore’s lamb burgers with moa burgers.

e) Is trying to differentiate Labour from the Green Party in its opposition to genetic modification.

f) Has lost the plot.

g) All of the above.



7 Responses to Moa madness

  1. Well, this is a stupid post. Really.


  2. jabba says:

    or trying to get on the Gweens list for the next election .. he may even have stolen one of their policies


  3. jabba says:

    in fact, have the gween MP’s asked Clint if the are in favor of Trev’s idea or against it .. hold on, they will be against it.


  4. jabba’s jabber prove my point.


  5. Mr E says:

    I wonder how cosy the Greens are with Labour when Labour search for new ways to use genetic engineering and Greens look to limit GM.

    If a coalition ever happened who would forgo their wishes/promises?

    Actually how does a minority party make any promises with the process of coalition finds them negotiation pre election promises?

    Is that why we see rhetoric from small parties rather than detail?


  6. Mr E. If you had any integrity you’d look at the Greens policy around GE and decide for yourself whether it conflicts with Labours before flailing about with your light-weight “what-ifs” and pointless “wonderings”.
    The rhetoric you hear, Mr E, is your own.


  7. jabba says:

    the Gweens have 1 claim to fame .. they piggy backed on National insulation programe .. that’s it after all these years


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