Hello again Pork Pie

The 1981 movie Goodbye Pork Pie  made a comeback today with MINI New Zealand releasing its remake of the films iconic Lake Hawea chase scene.

The scene, which features a number of ‘new originals’ including a new Director, new cast and the all new MINI Hatch in place of the original 1978 model, has been created to celebrate the launch of the new model released to the New Zealand market in April.

MINI Marketing Manager Simonne Mearns says the remade scene is the perfect ‘launch vehicle’ for the new MINI Hatch.

“The latest MINI is full of a number of new features – enough to warrant us making a big scene about it. Which is exactly what we did.”

“Goodbye Pork Pie was the perfect fit for MINI. There is definitely a little ‘Blondini’ inherent in the brand; we like to test the boundaries and push the limits, and a cheeky attitude is part of MINI’s ethos.”

“In addition, like the Blondini Gang, we are always up for the challenge – which in this case was remaking one of the tougher, but more iconic scenes from what is one of New Zealand’s most-loved movies. We are stoked with the result and hope Kiwis will enjoy it,” she says.

This is a feeling that shared by remake director Matt Murphy who thinks “that most New Zealanders will be intrigued by the remade scene. The image of the new volcanic orange MINI being chased by a replica police car somehow translates to the original movie really easily. At the same time, it is also new.”

In responding to what he believes his father might think of the remade scene, Murphy says, “My father knows of the project. You’ll have to ask him what he thinks, but I’d say he’s chuffed that the Pork Pie story still generates a significant following.” . .  .

You can watch the remake and a behind the scenes video here.

You can watch it on YouTube and here’s the original trailer:

My first car was a mini so Goodbye Pork Pie had particular resonance for me.

I can remember the determination to take the car to Invercargill – but does anyone remember why they wanted to go there?

6 Responses to Hello again Pork Pie

  1. J Bloggs says:

    I think Bruno Lawrence’s character wanted to go there to try and reconcile with his wife, who lived down there and the other guy went with along with it cos it seemed like a good idea, and he didn’t really have anything better to do.


  2. J Bloggs says:

    Sorry – it was Tony Barry’s character (John) who wanted to go to Invercargill


  3. JC says:

    One of the earlier Playboy (which we read for the intelligent articles) cartoons showed a huge Yank tank at a service station with a snooty woman instructing the attendant to “Fill ‘er up, clean the windscreen, check the oil and pick the Minis out of the grill”.

    Back in 1969 when we married we decided to sell my old and reliable Zephyr 3 for a Mini that would save money for us. That lasted three months of having to exercise extreme care of driving on the ridges of the 10km metal road to avoid tearing out the bottom of the car if you followed the ruts. Technically you could maroon a Mini on the metal buildup in the centre of the road if you were only doing 5kpm. The 1960s Minis had a strong steel pan underneath to protect its innards but you needed speed to navigate a rutted road and ear plugs to put up with the Godawful din of the pan hitting and grading a country road.

    The last straw was the damage caused by wild pigs on the road enjoying its warmth in winter.. these can do enormous damage to some cars.

    So back to the Zephyrs we went and soon after the Chrysler Valiants with their massive bumpers that defied wild pigs.. on one occasion we whacked one amidships and simply blew him out of the way rather than him going under the car and wrecking it that way as so many did.

    But.. the Mini was a godsend to the urban/rural girls of the 1960s.. a relatively cheap and speedy solution that got them from the farm to the dance floor and home again with pick up and drop options of friends along the way.

    I helped my sister about this time to select a great Mini.. a car with nearly double the ccs, two petrol tanks and some other rally features.. she and her mates happily buzzed around the North Island till I found another Coupe that was even better.. it stayed in the family for nearly 25 years and two generations.



  4. Dave Kennedy says:

    Interestingly I was a student in Dunedin when the original was being film and I happened to end up at a party with many of the actors and film crew. At that stage they didn’t know if they could finish it as the budget was so tight.

    I was told that they only had one police car for most of the scenes and they were constantly having to repair it after crashing etc so they could use it in the next scene.

    When driving past the Invercargill cemetery I often think of the end of the movie when that featured as a backdrop.


  5. Now a days, they’d not be able to afford the petrol for the trip.

    “Pain at the pump, as yet another petrol price increase sees more hard earned Kiwi dollars handed to the Govt in their second round of petrol tax increases.

    Today petrol prices have gone up 3c per litre.

    It’s all part of the Govt’s revenue raising to develop more roading infrastructure, but for most people, another expense is the last thing they need.

    It’s likely the average petrol-car driver will only be a further $27 out of pocket per year.”


  6. Quintin Hogg says:

    I went to Goodbye Pork Pie when it first screened in Dunedin when I was a kid.
    There was a bit of kiwi cringe at first but I soon got over that. Great movie, but why anyone would want to go to Invercargill voluntarily is still beyond me.
    I’m getting around the fuel price hike by getting a more economic vehicle. the new F-type R variant is currently under consideration.


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