Why different for unions?

The EPMU national conference has endorsed donations to the Labour Party and Green Party for their election campaigns.

“Our elected conference delegates feel very strongly that a Labour-Green coalition government is the best hope for restoring workers’ rights, rebuilding our manufacturing sector with a sustainable strategy for jobs, and ensuring that all Kiwis get a fair share of the growing economy,” says Bill Newson, national secretary of the EPMU. . . 

Note the Labour-Green coalition emphasising the influence the Green Party would have on government led by a weak Labour Party.

When they say workers’ rights they mean unions’ rights.

Rebuilding the manufacturing sector? Unions are buying in to the manufactured manufacturing crisis too even though the facts belie the panic.

Unions should be looking right not left for a sustainable strategy for jobs.

The Labour and Green strategy is anti-business and anti growth which is the antithesis of sustainable for jobs.

“Despite what the Prime Minister has claimed, unions don’t have millions of dollars to give to political parties,” says Bill Newson. “But this year we have a critical opportunity to make things better for New Zealand workers and their families and making donations to Labour and the Greens is one way we can make that happen.”

The donations total:

· $60,000 to the Labour Party

· $15,000 to the Green Party

“In addition the EPMU will be campaigning hard to get voters enrolled and turned out to vote in the election period,” says Bill Newson. “All voters deserve to have a say in who forms the next government.” . . .

What would be the reaction if a business gave $75,000 to National and one of its coalition partners, influenced candidate selection and policy then paid its staff to campaign on their behalf?

There would be cries of corruption.

Why is it any different for unions?

7 Responses to Why different for unions?

  1. Gravedodger says:

    It is different when socialists do it pure and simple.
    Rights is Might
    Might is right
    Might is possible therefore left is mighty right.

    You see they have a cause that is right therefore it is alright to use that right.

    Strange how language has the left, left on the platform because they didn’t catch the right train.

    Nobody on the right can get the left to see the light and its associated right even though deep down they know in their hearts the right is right and that is why the left are left.

    Sheesh and when a leader of the left makes some real coin from the enslavement of the left they then adopt all that the right does to protect them from the leftovers.

    Only the left then label those leftovers the poor and keep them on the left, how else could they continue to enjoy all the things the right enjoy but the left call that oppression while they relabel their hypocritical right the left and the leftovers never work it out.

  2. Too much Benefibre, GD.

  3. Psycho Milt says:

    1. A union isn’t a business.
    2. Those millions the Nats have at their disposal didn’t come from having a whip-round among the members.
    3. If NZ’s ruling class was up front about the purpose of the National Party and operated it transparently as representatives of that class, the way Labour used to when unions actually counted for something, the reaction from me at least would be “Excellent.”

  4. Federated Farmers are a union.

  5. Mr E says:

    Does Federated Farmers donate to National?

  6. Donate what?
    I’ll ask Bill’s brother Conor. He’ll know what went back and forward while he was CEO of the farmer’s union.

  7. Dave Kennedy says:

    I think the dairy workers union have also supported the Greens, I wonder why they would do that? I think you will find that most unions realize that the industry needs to be profitable to continue to provide employment, but fair wages and treatment of workers doesn’t have to be “anti-business and anti growth”. Workers should be able to bargain collectively and be allowed meal breaks, both of which will be removed if National has its way.

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