Which royal are you?

Which member of the royal family are you?

Congrats, you are Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall! Even though it has taken a long time to show the world who you really are, you are a warm and friendly figure to all you meet. Although you may be judged harshly for your past actions, you always come out on top. You are happy to be a loyal and supportive figure to those you love, placing others before yourself.




3 Responses to Which royal are you?

  1. alwyn says:

    In future I expect you to curtsy when you come across my entry in the quiz.
    I, or should that be a Royal “We”, came up as the Queen. That I did not expect.

  2. Gravedodger says:

    I came to comments to claim immunity from prosecution, however Alwyn has embolden me to admit I also am a queen.

    Lucky we have moved on to gay or violence could have erupted.

    It must have been the Highland holiday or was it Loyalty?

  3. TraceyS says:

    Stand aside queens, I am next in line…

    “Congrats, you are Prince Charles, Prince of Wales! While many on the outside may perceive you to be cold and reserved, those closest to you think of you as a generous, thoughtful, and loyal friend. You have an off-beat sense of humor that may or may not rub people the wrong way. You’re so used to being the center of attention that you might be put-off if someone steals the limelight. The welfare of your family comes first before anything in your life.”

    Not sure about the centre of attention bit. But the rest is pretty accurate.

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