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Deipnosophist an adept conversationalist at table; one skilled in table talk; a master of dinner-table conversation.

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  1. If you’re having dinner with Dr Sea Rotmann, she might mention this:
    DrSeaRotmann: Perfect “@watershitdown: Gov say no Maui’s will be in drilling area, as they will be arrested along with any protestors.” #last55

  2. danylmc: Liu gave $2000 to Hawkes Bay Rowing Club! Will Cunliffe resign??? http://t.co/HpjlUB7pO3

  3. RusselNorman might chat about this:
    Nick Smith told Parliament last week no sightings of Maui’s dolphins in oil exploration area. Totally wrong. Multiple sightings. #nzqt

  4. jabba says:

    the ultimate troll .. keep up the good work putting people off voting Gween .. seems to be working as well according to the polls

  5. Andrei says:

    To bring this thread back into line – this word is Greek but I couldn’t get it without my dictionary.

    The sophist is easy of course but the Deipno was not familiar, Apparently deipnon – meal

    I love words and language – politics, especially green politics is boring without vision – and that is what is sadly lacking alas

  6. samuelmann: Must be hard being Minister of Science @stevenljoyce, when @johnkeypm thinks your portfolio is “mumbo-jumbo”

  7. John Key, at the dinner table, might discuss this issue:
    “PM John Key has performed a backflip by now suggesting businessman Donghua Liu should front up with evidence to support the NZ Herald’s unsubstantiated claim that he donated substantial sums to Labour. This is a world away from his previous position that it was up to Labour to prove the negative; to show that no donation was made.

    In the world of the UK tabloids, such a strategic move is known as a reverse ferret. The phrase apparently originated with Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie, who used to talk about the paper ‘sticking a ferret up the trousers’ of politicians and other targets. If the public didn’t like the story, or it proved to be complete bollocks, MacKenzie would order a ‘reverse ferret’ and the next edition of the paper would take the opposite line, without acknowleging it had ever thought differently.

    Key has decided to reverse ferret on the Donghua Liu story because of two factors. One, it’s increasingly looking like it’s simply not true and the Herald has been played like a fiddle. And two, the fiddle player is Cameron Slater, the PM’s bestie from way back.

    Key is suddenly finding a desperate need to distance himself from the story.”

  8. jabba says:

    you are talking mumbo jumbo like your beloved co-leader (male version) bOb

  9. Ray says:

    “the ultimate troll .. keep up the good work putting people off voting Gween .. ”
    ….And his grubby dribblings are putting people off this onetime interesting blog.

  10. jabba says:

    is his blog still going?

  11. Mr E says:

    My visitation made Robert feel creeped out. It seems a sad world at his blog. Visitors creep Robert out.
    Even after he has marketed it over here at homepaddock.

  12. “The whole narrative relies on the fact that having a donation from Liu is a bad thing no matter what the circumstance, but then also relies on the masses forgetting that Liu donated to National much more recently than Labour, and forgetting that National have been much more active in helping him out that Labour ever did.”

  13. JC says:

    ?samuelmann: Must be hard being Minister of Science @stevenljoyce, when @johnkeypm thinks your portfolio is “mumbo-jumbo””

    So did Labour and its friends the Greens.. Helen and friends approved 13 wells in the area when last in Govt and now Cunliffe says its OK as well for the future.


  14. National should initiate new exploratory activity in the Maui dolphin habitat because Labour established wells there in the past?

    Sick logic.

    There are 55 Maui dolphins left in the world. The marine-mammal scientific community has specifically asked that we don’t do what National is doing. Key claimed, repeatedly, that the Greens will “shut down all of Taranaki’s production”, which is another of his all-too-common lies. Some people, like yourself, JC, are not astute enough to see his claims for what they are, hence his popularity.
    Your claim that the Greens “approved 13 wells” is similarly untrue and nothing more than a low-brow smear, and I invite you to show evidence to back your claim. You won’t be able too, just as Key won’t substantiate his lies. You and he know that lying then dodging leaves the public confused and finding it difficult to understand the issues clearly. It’s low-quality politics and attractive only to those who crave power and have very low ethical standards.

  15. JC says:

    And a continuing litany of abuse from RG after being caught out on Labour approving 13 oil drilling ops in the Maui dolphin area and with said partner confirming yesterday that it supports more drilling.

    I await a formal announcement from the Greens they will not consider going into any political arrangement with Labour as a result of support for drilling ops both whilst in Govt and Opposition.


  16. So you couldn’t find anything to support your false accusations, JC, you’ve only repeated your original slur.
    Just like Key does.
    No surprise.
    Interestingly, your and Key’s methods are obvious to others, especially those who are versed in logical argument and in scientific thinking. Those people look at your approach to this issue as shallow and self-serving. And they are spot-on.

  17. JC says:

    Really? So why is National on 50% and the Greens 10%, why are the the Greens co-leaders in the bottom 10% of Readers Digest survey of most trusted NZers.. along with all the other lefty leaders? Why is Key the country’s most popular politician ever and the lefty leaders scraping along the bottom?

    The answers are patently obvious, Key and the Nats are trusted even by his opponents, and the Opposition is not. In addition Key and the Nats.. because of the fact checking that goes on.. are trusted to tell the truth more often than the Opposition. More, Key is liked, the other leaders not so much, he is both inspirational and aspirational compared to the sour pusses in Opposition and he is not hypocritical.. something the Opposition has in spades.

    And above all else the Key Govt is *competent*.. and it helps that it doesn’t take its money and instructions from a German crook.


  18. jabba says:

    gee, there have been 55 Maui dolphins for awhile now .. no more, no less?

  19. JC – your comment has no connection at all to the discussion, so I’ll ignore it..

    Really, jabba? Can you link to research to back your claims?
    I doubt it, you never can.
    Just thinking aloud here…births and deaths…
    In any case, 55 is a critically small number in a population. When the last species of dolphin became extinct, international condemnation followed. At just 55, the Maui dolphin population is at very high risk of extinction. Can you show me what actions National have taken to protect these endangered animals, given that their demise would attract international condemnation for New Zealand and the Government, especially if it became known that the protected marine area had been opened up for oil exploration, against the advice of the international agency that specialises in marine mammals, and against the advice of the political party that has built its reputation on environmental issues?
    (I have my fingers crossed for a rational and considered answer from you jabba, so tightly that it hurts. Please don’;t disappoint me).

  20. jabba says:

    so when one dies, another is born .. brillaint.

  21. You have records that show the numbers haven’t changed, jabba?
    Post ’em for us, there’s a love!

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