Clear choice

The choice in this election is stark.

There’s a centre right government led by a strong and popular National Party with John Key, the most popular Prime Minister in many, many years, with several capable new MPs.

It will almost certainly need support parties but their influence will be as minor as they are.

Then there’s the alternative – an unstable left government led by a weak Labour Party with the unpopular David Cunliffe heading stale faces supported by the Green, New Zealand First, Mana and Internet parties who will exert far more influence than their minor status.

That’s a choice between stability and progress from a National-led government or instability and regression from this:

Rusty Kane's photo.


That looks like two white businessmen which is a strange image for a coalition that includes a radical Maori separatist and several feminists.

Whatever the gender and race of the people behind the hands, I hope we see more of this because this clearly shows the prospect of government by what Bob Jones so accurately described as a rabble of dissimilar, mutually antagonistic parties, all with unpopular leaders and wildly different messages. . . 

If a picture is worth a thousand words – every one in this is telling the undecided in the middle to vote for National.

2 Responses to Clear choice

  1. Andrei says:


    Clear choice?

    Couldn’t care less who gets in myself bunch of self serving non entities who will sell out and sell our souls to the devil

  2. Relax, Ele. The Mighty John Key-led National Party is polling astronomical figures and everybody loves John, so you’ve nothing to worry about. You’ll fly in! What’s with the constant attacks on the Left coalition? They’re dead in the water. Just lie back and prepare for another three years. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt you to be a little more gracious toward those poor unfortunate losers – you’re sounding like that harpy, Keeping Stock, endlessly bagging the other team. It’s just not lady-like and smacks of something unpleasant.

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