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Frenemy –  a person or group that is friendly toward another because the relationship brings benefits, despite a fundamental dislike and feelings of resentment or rivalry; a person who is ostensibly friendly or collegial with someone but who is actually antagonistic or competitive; an enemy disguised as a friend.

11 Responses to Word of the day

  1. First, you had John Banks to prop up your “John Key-led Government.”
    That was a rotten arrangement and one you Nat supporters should be ashamed of.
    Now, you have Colin Craig – the “Colin Craig-propped-up Government”.
    Equally shameful.
    Still, it’s not done yet but you must be feeling grubby about this.
    Or have you no self-awareness at all?

  2. jabba says:

    so who will prop up a Labour led govt .. snigger

  3. Gravedodger says:

    Robert your tears of despair are clouding your vision.
    John Key has enjoyed a stable coalition and Banks’ resignation over what was in reality a minor transgression in electoral law that my research says may well be overturned on appeal, has had minimal effect on that stability other than on a planned review of some rather proscriptive elements in our labour regulatory legislation now delayed until the people make their next decision in September 2014.

    If you have a relative point could you please enlighten us all on how a stable majority coalition that has run for six years is so shameful.
    Then address the relative shame involved in a coalition of Mr Cunliffe’s Labour currently on 23%, Mr Peters National rump personality cult 4.5%, Mr Hadfield’s openly racist one Iwi party below the margin of error, Mr Norman and Ms Turei hard left/communist party masquerading under a cloak of environmentalism hidden from many of the admittedly fervent followers and now we add in a party created, supported and financed by a mega criminal with 3.5 million dollars from that criminal activity with the clear objective of thwarting a threatened extradition to an allied country to answer charges of allegedly fraudulently engaging in subverting copyright and intellectual property rights violations

    Then while you are at it could you educate us how it is perfectly ok for a contender in a leadership campaign for Labour leader to rinse money through a secret trust and later claim to be returning money to two of the secret donors as they wish to remain anonymous.That is some secret that they can get their money back.
    If you are still with time on your hands many would be interested in how your main proposed coalition partner can apparently ” find no record of donations in excess of a hundred thousand dollars”, I will say it s l o w l y, Robert; o v e r O NE H U N D R E D T H O U S A N D D O L L A R S.

    And you whine about shame!!!!

    I accept you may well see absolutely no shame in such activity around our democratic process but others may have a very different view.

    ps Oh and where did you come across any involvement between Colin Craig and National, now that would be real news.
    Mark Mitchell in Rodney could be a prospect but last I heard Craig was no further ahead with his millions than he was three years ago when Mark handed him his sorry arse on a hubcap.
    Majority an easy to remember 12 222, oh and the Greens well they just beat Winstons cult religion.

  4. jabba says:

    GD .. welcome to the world of wasting precious time engaging with an idiot called Robert Guyton .. you/we will NEVER defeat him.

  5. Bingo Bob says:

    RG is entitled to his opinions GD and Jabba. There seems to be body of thought that he has used graffiti to announce some of his more profound thoughts if posts on HP can be believed . Can anyone confirm or deny?

  6. RBG says:

    Labour does have a record of $150,000 donation via a law firm (see Pundit), perhaps this is from Mr Liu. Or perhaps the self confessed wife beater, who won’t sign an affadavit, has got his facts wrong. Labour says there was no fundraiser on the date he claims. It’s also not credible that no one in Labour circles can recall a $100,000 bid at an auction, unless it didn’t happen. Maybe tossing that sort of money around is normal for the right wing, but it’s not for the left and it would be remembered. What this business shows is how closely the National party is working with the NZ Herald.

  7. Gravedodger says:

    Dont have to Jabba bit like when we had cats and they brought a mouse inside once the little rodent expired it was game over.

  8. jabba says:

    yes he is Bingo .. the issue is that there is NO debating his opinions because he refuses to accept the opinions of others .. he is an arsehole and should stick to debates on his own “blog”

  9. “you/we will NEVER defeat him.”

    Printed. On my wall. Many thanks, jabba.

  10. jabba says:

    not because you are right Boobie but because you are a lost soul .. said it before

  11. jabba says:

    in fact bOb, I feel sorry for you

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