Political story of the day

The relationship between New Zealand and the USA has never been stronger – Barack Obama

Had a very successful meeting with President Obama today where we discussed the strength of the New Zealand - United States relationship, the economy, trade and global issues.


11 Responses to Political story of the day

  1. David Cunliffe, the man who will replace John Key as Prime Minister come September, will be required to relate to President Obama in that capacity, and had this to say today:

    “It’s been a tough couple of days for everyone in Labour, but I have been greatly heartened by the messages of support that my Caucus and I have received from members and supporters.

    As I’ve stated in many media interviews over the last 24 hours, I stand by my word and we will not be distracted from our mission to help build a better New Zealand for everyone.

    What has been made very clear by our opponents is that this will be a tough election campaign. They would like nothing more than for this election to focus on smears and insinuations. However I have immense faith in the people of New Zealand to recognise what really matters in this election and to vote for positive change.

    That’s positive change that only a Labour-led government can deliver. It means making sure every New Zealander has the opportunity for a secure, well-paid job, that every Kiwi has a warm dry home and has home-ownership in reach, and that our kids are given all of the opportunities they need to thrive and prosper.

    Our party has been galvanised by recent events. National’s attempts to destabilize us have failed – our Caucus has been unified and resolute and party activists have stayed on the front foot making phone calls, knocking on doors and getting Labour’s message out to the public.

    We know that we have a hard road ahead of us, but we also know that this election is shaping up to be down to the wire and that every vote will count. We cannot afford, New Zealand cannot afford, for us to be distracted from our duty of making real fundamental change for good.

    I know we can do it this September. Together.”

    Kia kaha,

    David Cunliffe
    Labour Leader


  2. Freddy says:

    A couple of mates having a chinwag..?
    This photo suggests to me the Key has the measure of Mr O….and Mr O knows it…!


  3. inventory2 says:

    One would expect David Cunliffe to have a high opinion of himself Robert. But others see things slightly differently than Mr Cunliffe’s rose-tinted version of history; this from Duncan Garner:

    Labour ditched former leader David Shearer because he struggled to string two sentences together on a good day. So surely it couldn’t have got any worse, right? Wrong.
    It’s a train wreck under David Cunliffe and Labour’s MPs are grumpy, nervous and wondering what they may be doing for a crust after September 20. The prospect of losing your job and the $150,000 salary always focuses the mind.
    This week Labour slumped to 23 per cent in Fairfax’s stuff/Ipsos poll – under Shearer it was in the low 30s when he was dumped.
    Cunliffe has taken the party backwards when he promised to take it forward. Could Labour be on track to record its worst-ever election defeat? Yes.
    When Cunliffe utters a word or two these days the collective intake of breath among his MPs is simply frightening.



  4. Andrei says:

    Mr Key is a pleasant fellow, a loyal vassal of the empire who fits the profile of the leaders Governors of the nations provinces that compose it.

    A technocrat, a banker, just the person they need to keep their subjects in line.


  5. RBG says:

    We are told Key and Obama talked about climate change. However I doubt Key admited that under National New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions would keep on increasing!


  6. Keeping Stock’s DCDS (David Cunliffe Derangement Syndrome) is flaring up and chaffing him something terrible.
    Buy the cream, KS. It’ll help.


  7. Andrei says:

    John Key has signalled future US air strikes in Iraq will have New Zealand’s blessing so long as they are against terrorists and the Iraqi government requests them.

    Give the dog a bone


  8. Freddy says:

    as you well know, being Russian, we will always be ruled, governed, lead or dictated too by someone/something. Come 20/09/14 you have a modest chance to influence that choice…don’t waste it


  9. Andrei says:

    It;s election year Freddy, as you point out and the man who fancies he is the ruler of the world, in his hubris, has given his blessing to our Mr Key to be our anointed Prime Minister.

    There was a price for that blessing Freddy and that price might not be in your best interests or mine

    Part of that price was that which I highlighted in my previous post and I’ll tell you something it will not be in the best interests of those on the receiving end of the bombs and cruise missiles and that’s a fact.

    Iraq’s a mess, the irony is that these people Mr Obama wants to stop in Iraq perhaps by bombing them and the many others unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time are the very same people he encouraged and armed to bring chaos to Syria – but now having been more or less defeated in Syria they’ve moved onto Iraq.

    There is nobody to vote for Freddy so I am going to use my vote to not vote as an expression of disgust.

    Somehow New Zealand has to regain its sovereignty and develop as an independent nation, how that will happen I don’t know?

    However the world is on a knife edge, in some ways the war is already underway and at its heart this war is about Nations being sovereign and free to choose their own culture and direction, pursuing their own peoples interests without being dictated to by powerful nations with grossly over sized military machines along with the ability to print money to bully them or buy their leadership into doing things against their own interests and the interests of their peoples.


  10. Andrei ++++


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