How much, how often?

The plot thickens in the saga of Donghua Liu’s donations to the Labour Party:

A Labour Cabinet Minister presented a bottle of wine to the partner of businessman Donghua Liu at a fundraiser for the party.

The Herald has obtained a photograph of Rick Barker with Juan Zhang, who has two children with Liu, after he won an auction for the bottle at an Auckland restaurant in June 2007.

It is not known how much Liu paid for the wine – believed to be signed by then-Prime Minister Helen Clark – and Mr Barker said he presented auction prizes several times at Labour fundraisers. . . .

Two sources have told the Herald that Liu paid $15,000 at an auction in 2007 for a book signed by Helen Clark.

Labour general secretary Tim Barnett said a check of the party’s records showed no donation from Liu under his name.

However, he said it was possible he made donations at the local electorate level and had not been recorded by the party’s central administration. . .

It doesn’t matter at what level of the party the donations are made nor whether it’s a single donation or several.

Once a donor gives more than the disclosure threshold – which was $10,000 in 2007 – it must be declared.

At the very least this shows sloppiness in Labour’s record keeping and is yet another example of the party acting in the apparent belief that electoral law doesn’t apply to it.

We’re left wondering how much did Liu give to the party, how often and how much was given by who else that wasn’t disclosed as the law requires it to be?

2 Responses to How much, how often?

  1. inventory2 says:

    The really ironic aspect of this is that, as Mr Liu was busy donating money to Labour which wasn’t declared, Labour was preparing to introduce the insidious Electoral Finance Bill to Parliament to limit donations.

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