Stones from glass house

The Labour Party has been caught throwing stones from a glass house – again:

A wealthy Auckland businessman, whose links to the National Party led to a minister’s resignation, also made a secret $15,000 donation to the Labour Party – and hosted a Cabinet minister at a lavish dinner in China.

The Labour Party has previously accused the Government of “cash for access” deals with Donghua Liu, who received citizenship after lobbying from National minister Maurice Williamson and whose hotel was later opened by Prime Minister John Key.

But the Herald can reveal Liu, 53, also paid $15,000 at a Labour Party auction in 2007 for a book signed by Helen Clark, the Prime Minister at the time, according to a party source.

The source said Liu also hosted Rick Barker, the then Internal Affairs Minister, at a dinner in his hometown of Chongqing.

Mr Barker, who is now a regional councillor in Hawkes Bay, confirmed he was a guest at the dinner and also visited Liu’s cement company while on holiday in China

But he said he was not aware Liu was a Labour donor and he was not in China on official business as a minister. . .

Political donations made at fundraising auctions or dinners are not recorded individually, but the total amount raised is declared. . . .

Kiwiblog corrects that last statement:

. . . If a donation at an auction or dinner is larger than the disclosure threshold it must be declared with the identity of the individual who made it.

The disclosure limit in 2007 was $10,000. Liu donated $15,000 to Labour. The party should have declared him as a donor. . .

This is yet another Labour failure to abide by the disclosure rules.

There is another interesting aspect to this story – it comes from a party source.

That points to instability and unhappiness in the party’s ranks and raises some questions:

Who knew about the donation then who is in caucus now or still active in the party?

Why didn’t s/he/they warn the MPs attacking National over Liu that they were throwing stones from a glass house?

What has prompted the source of the story to talk now and what else does s/he know that the public ought to know too?

22 Responses to Stones from glass house

  1. TraceyS says:

    Word of the day: Sabotage.

  2. inventory2 says:

    Interestingly, the dinner took place at a time when Labour was pushing its draconian Electoral Finance Bill through Parliament. All the while they were squealing about National’s big-money anonymous donors, they were banking their own cheques, AND failing to declare them as they were required to under the Electoral Act.

    Calling this “hypocrisy” is being kind…

  3. “The Dinner”
    Oh yes, the dinner…

    Judith Collins
    Border official
    Calling this “hypocrisy” is being kind.

    National, Labour – what New Zealanders deserve is an honest party and you all know the Green Party is just that – that’s why you flail about with your “cut and bleeding” nonsense – your parties are revealed as rotten and the Clean Greens make you feel dirty.

  4. Mr E says:


  5. Another powerful slap-down, Mr E, confirming my belief that you are channelling Tracey.
    What I admired most is the solid evidential basis for your claim.

  6. Enough for the day.
    Too easy.

  7. Mr E says:

    You believe in psychic powers Robert? – Sounds to me like you and Colin are doppelgangers

  8. TraceyS says:

    “confirming my belief”

    Your beliefs are confirmed by reading anonymous comments on a political blog? Oh, I do feel a wee bit sorry for you, Robert!

  9. Mr E says:



  10. Goldie says:

    Robert Guyton:
    I am not sure that trolling is a good advertisement for the Greens. And your posts suggest a puzzling obsession with this blog.

  11. inventory2 says:

    Enough for the day.
    Too easy.

    Is Robert Guyton a candidate to be the next Spray and Walk Away character?

    @ Goldie – well said. I wonder if Robert has checked the Green Party values lately, especially #6

  12. Southern says:

    My Guyton is not so innocent. I recall a him being lampooned on another Southland blog for doing some graffiti in Riverton, once that came up he never posted on the blog again.

  13. Mr E says:

    This is a brief paragraph from the ‘Local Governance Statement’ code of conduct for Council Members

    3. Relationship with public
    Members will conduct their dealings with the public recognising that effective Council decision making depends on productive relationships between elected members and the community at large.

    A Members must act in a manner that encourages and values community involvement in local democracy.

    B Members must be available to listen to community views and concerns.

    C Members must strive to understand different points of view within the community.

    D The views of members of the public must be accorded respect with members listening to, and deliberating on, concerns carefully and patiently.

    When dealing with members of public, members must:

    E be honest, fair and equitable;

    F behave in a courteous and sensitive manner and not discriminate against any person;

    G avoid promising things the member cannot deliver;

    H avoid aggressive or abusive behaviour.

    According to Wikipedia:
    In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[4]

    ES Code of Conduct

  14. Can’t recall if you spent this much effort denouncing John Banks for his criminal behaviour, Mr E…hang on! I do remember.
    That Code of Conduct thing, Mr E – grasp the nettle and do it!!!
    You too, Southern. Your procrastinating is boring.
    Btw, I just finished my best graffiti so far, on a wall in Riverton – it’s huge! Will the local police swoop down and arrest me? I don’t believe so, but maybe you could ring them! Here’s the evidence you’ll need.

  15. Mr E says:

    “Can’t recall if you spent this much effort denouncing John Banks -”

    Forgetful aren’t we?. Bit like John Banks.

    “grasp the nettle and do it!!!” Do what Robert? Surely you are not suggesting you are in breach of your code? Surely.

    When are you going to face up to the claims that some readers have made about your “graffiti”? I am sure a short explanation will no doubt allay curiosities. Or is your avoidance a sign of something more?

  16. Mr E, your cowardly slurs are…cowardly slurs. If you reckon you’ve got something, take it to the authorities. If you lack the cojones (or evidence) to do that, then your cowardly slurs are nothing more than …cowardly slurs.
    You’ve the contact information for Environment Southland and for the police in Invercargill – what’s stopping you?
    Would you like me to do it for you?
    I’m happy to ask them to contact you in order to take a statement from you. Your address is..your name is.. oh! That’s right, Cowardly Anonymous Slurrer, Homepaddock Blog. That’s where you can be found. Look, I even posted evidence for you to take in your sweaty hand to the police – that squid! painted there, on a wall in the town! Evidence, damning evidence! Run with it, Anonymous!
    If you genuinely want your “curiosities allayed” (you don’t though, do you, you prefer to slur, anonymously, hiding behind your fake name, avoiding responsibility for anything you say), come and see me, face to face, man to man, and I’ll share with you anything you’d like to know. But will you emerge from behind your sniping and smearing and introduce yourself in the real world? No, I don’t think you will, you are lacking the spine to do that. After all, you’ve had any number of chances to front-up and you’ve failed to do so.

  17. Mr E says:

    I asked a couple of simple questions and all I get is – look over there. Not here. Over there.

    It appears that sunlight is not always a good disinfectant. I guess it has not been sunny in Riverton today.

    And please do me a favour – point out where I have slurred you. I bet you can’t – again.

    All this need to be face to face – Man to ……Man?. Why? What’s not to be said here Robert? Why the secrets? We’re all friends here. Don’t be shy. You’re in safe hands.

  18. jabba says:

    I think the media needs to investigate the fund raising lunch and dinners that the Greens host to ensure the money they raise is declared

  19. Your attempt to smear is cowardly, Mr Enonymous. Front up, be a man, or zip it, honey.

  20. Mr E says:

    Again funny – no answers. No fronting up, a little hypocritical yes?

    I would have thought posting a ‘code of conduct’ would be welcomed – considered a compliment. But for you, no, you appear to consider it a ‘slur’ or smear. I don’t get it. Why aren’t you proud of your ‘code of conduct’. I hope it isn’t because you think you could be falling short? I hope it is another reason. I’m sure that must be the case.

  21. jabba says:

    goodness me .. Mr Guyton must have had a bad organic egg or something to make him so touchy .. it could be seeing the H word flying around of course

  22. inventory2 says:

    You forget Mr E; even though it’s not his blog, Robert is the only one allowed to ask questions. Greenies can’t be made to answer…

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