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This is an attempt to replace Dr Bryce Edwards’ daily political round-up while he’s taking a break.

I’m not pretending to be balanced.

While I link to a range of news stories, the blogs I link to are usually from the centre to the bluer end of the political spectrum or the more reasonable or witty bits of the pink to red end.

You’re welcome to leave links to other news and blogs in comments.


Torben Akel @ TV3 – The new breed of career MPs

TV3 – National too hard to beat – Craig

TV3 – Patrick Gower interviews Conservative Party Leader Colin Craig

Danyl  Mclauchlan @ Dim Post – The awful choice

Vernon Small & Josh Fagan  @ – No easy ride on the Shore for Craig

Cameron Slater @ Whale Oil – Why Colin Craig is a political fool

Scott Palmer @ Interest.Co.NZ – Election 2014 – Party Policies – Party Philosophies

Craig Simpson @ Interest.Co.NZ – Budget 2014 – Spending plan

Scott Palmer @ Interest.Co.NZ – Election 2014 – Party Policies – Immigration

Tim Watkin @ Pundit – Dirty deal dancing – when Colin finally meets Key

Peter Dunne – UnitedFuture candidates announced


Paula Bennett – Are you that someone – let’s stop sexual violence campaign

Paula Bennett – Work and Income support pays off

Gerry Brownlee – New start for Re:START mall

Nikki Kaye – 500 schools connected to Network for Learning

Jo Goodhew – Inclusive communities help prevent elder abuse


Rodney Hide @ NZ Herald –  Hilarious Dotcom drama is riveting


TVNZ – Groser – Government may not seek bipartisan support for TPP


TV3 – Patrick Gower interviews Education Minister Hekia Parata

Social Media

Inventory 2 @ Keeping Stock – Another SMOG from guess who?

Matthew Beveridge – 2014 Election Campaign Social Media Awards

Inventory 2 @ Keeping Stock – Whatever happened to Tamati’s tweet?

Matthew Beveridge – It isn’t the crime, it is the cover up: Tamati Coffey

Matthew Beveridge – Twitter Stats: 13 June

Matthew Beveridge – Twitter Stats 13 June

Team NZ

NZ Taxpayers’ Union – Government Should Say No to More America’s Cup Money

Kerre McIvor @ NZ Herald – Eyeing cup again? Go fund yourselves

Alf Grumble – Grant Dalton should forget about taxpayers puffing more wind into Team NZ’s sails

Winston Peters

David Farrar @ Kiwiblog – Winston’s $158,000 and the Susan Couch trust

Brendan Horan

David Fisher @ NZ Herald – Horan’s half-brother instigated changes to mother’s will

David Fisher @ NZ Herald – Horan: our side of the story

David Farrar @ Kiwiblog – Horan’s side


The Veteran @ No Minister – Blood sports – better than the ABs (or Cs) even


David Farrar @ Kiwiblog –


Inventory 2 @ Keeping Stock – Another crisis averted

Cameron Slater @ Whale Oil – Looks like Labour’s forestry crisis is over


Cameron Slater @ Whale Oil – If you are an MP, the small laws are really just suggestions

The Veteran @ No Minister – On The EU and the Common Agriculture Policy madness

TV3 – Lisa Owen interviews Professor Jonathan Boston and Children’s Commissioner Russell Wills

15 Responses to Politics Daily

  1. robertguyton says:

    “Banners being erected at prominent sites around Wellington, and soon around the country, read: ‘National: dirty rivers / toxic mining / oil spills / asset sales’.”
    Yep. The chickens are coming home to roost.


  2. jabba says:

    wow, banners being erected .. let us hope they don’t get destroyed aye Mr Guyton?


  3. Freddy says:

    Mean while,in the real world most NZ’ers are happy and moving on…!
    Thankfully not all teachers are small minded idiots…!


  4. TraceyS says:

    Good job Ele!


  5. Mr E says:

    Councillor Robert Guyton from Environment Southland, dirty rivers, are National to blame for that, or Local Councils? If we are to blame politicians, have reflected on you own behaviour?

    Same goes for ‘toxic mining’, have you dished out consents for mining and it’s toxins, I wonder.


  6. Dirty rivers in Southland, Mr E – trying to blame Government, national or local, is a bit rich in light of the obvious fact that the producers of pollution are to blame. After all, you hold fast to the idea that every person chooses their behaviour, don’t you? You pour crap into a stream, you’re responsible for that. Certainly though, National is championing the worst of the polluters – Solid Energy case in point – Bill English and John Key pumped that SOE up til it burst! They’ve done the same for dairying. In the past, the local regional council has failed in many ways to prevent the polluters from harming the environment. I ‘signed up’ with them to try to improve their performance. I’ve done my level best and have enjoyed some success but there’s much more that needs to be done. I intend to do everything I can to assist the council in improving the state of the Southland environment. If that means opposing the views of other councillors who cleave to the National Party’s world view re the environment, then I have no qualms in doing that. Watch this space.


  7. Mr E says:

    Where did Solid Energy or Dairy farming pour nasties into the rivers Robert? I only see town sewage systems doing that and councils including your own appear to tolerate it.

    If I was you I would look hard in the mirror before blaming the Government. Any thing that central Government supports still needs local Government support to occur. In other words Local Government should be the fail safe to ensure things are sustainable, that nasties don’t get poured into a stream.

    If nasties are being poured into rivers, and you are aware of it and tolerate it, doesn’t that make you (the agency to control pollution) a collaborator in pollution?

    Painting yourself as ineffective does little to promote the council. It only makes me think less of the organisation. That is sad.


  8. Nothing from dairy farming gets into the rivers, Mr E?
    Therein lies your delusion.


  9. Mr E says:

    You said “pour crap into a stream”. How about you back it up.
    Can’t? Thought so.


  10. farmerbraun says:

    Talk about unfortunate timing; this could not have come at a worse time for the “Greens” who have nailed their colours to the CO2-AGW mast.
    Time for JK to join forces with Abbot and Harper, and call time on this nonsense perhaps?



  11. TraceyS says:

    Mr E at 9:17 am – Robert is stuck in the past.


  12. Mr E says:

    Robert says he is “faded”. That happens with time, so I don’t think he is stuck in the past. Perhaps just tired of repeating the same out of date information?


  13. Mr E said: “You said “pour crap into a stream”. How about you back it up.
    Can’t? Thought so.”

    I said: “”You pour crap into a stream, you’re responsible for that. ”

    Your “challenge”, Mr E, is a nonsense. Back up that the polluter is responsible for the polluting? What do you find difficult with that claim?
    You believe that the polluter is NOT responsible for the polluting?

    Tracey’s comment is even less attached to the real world than yours. Are you two sharing a cup of ‘ditzy’?


  14. farmerbraun calls for Key to declare officially his denial of climate science. Are Mr E, Tracey and farmerbraun holidaying together somewhere? Has someone tampered with their water supply?


  15. Mr E says:

    I can holiday. Unlike the Greens who are desperately trying to win back some support after polling at recent record lows.
    Sadly it seems the harder they try, the more support they lose. I wonder if they have considered getting back to their core principles?


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