For and against farming

The National Fieldays open tomorrow and MPs of all colours will be there at some stage.

Those from National will have a much easier job convincing farmers and those who work for, support and supply them that they deserve another term than any of the opposition parties will have trying to gain support.


*Has several farmers in its caucus, understands farming and business and their importance to New Zealand.

*Holds all but two provincial electorates.

*Has kept public spending down.

*Has kept pressure off interest rates.

*Has begun reforming the RMA and will do more.

*Introduced 90 day employment trials.

*Lowered company and personal tax rates.

*Invested $400 million in water storage and irrigation

*Invested $700 million in the Primary Growth Partnership

*Exempted agricultural emissions from ETS and invested in Greenhouse Gas Coalition which has international support

*Expanded NZ’s access into the Middle East and South America, achieved direct currency exchange with China, and made significant progress on free trade throughout Asia-Pacific

While in the red and green corner Labour/Green/ and whoever else they need:

*Don’t understand or appreciate farmers, farming and business.

*See agriculture as a problem to be managed, not as the engine of our economy.

*Hold only 2 provincial seats.

*Will introduce a Capital Gains Tax

*Labour wants to double costs of the ETS and include agriculture

*Greens want to introduce a carbon tax charging $30 per dairy cow per year. Russell Norman said: “This won’t drive them to the wall… even the bottom 10% could afford to do this.”

*Have said farmers don’t pay enough tax. David Cunliffe has said businesses ‘can afford to pay more’. Russell Norman said last week when announcing new carbon tax ‘

*Will introduce water charges

*Will axe the irrigation fund

*Will tighten employment law

*Will increase public spending and debt which will push up interest rates

*Will make steeper increases to minimum wage.

*Will make KiwiSaver compulsory

*Oppose Free Trade

And let’s not forget this from which we all benefit:

If we stick to the Government’s plan, net Crown debt will fall to 20 per cent of GDP by 2020, well below the 60 per cent it was projected to reach under Labour’s policies from 2008.

41 Responses to For and against farming

  1. RusselNorman:

    Pope onside on climate change. So I’ve got a Pope and a US President. What have you got J Key? Groser? #ClimateTaxCut

  2. podsrover: @RusselNorman

    He’s got Tony Abbot! How fortunate 🙂

  3. RusselNorman:

    Abbott trying to form anti-climate action alliance w Canada against Obama. Where does NZ stand? #CliamteTaxCut

  4. willdwan says:

    Well, we’ve got seventeen years and nine months with zero degrees warming Robert. And you have two redistributionists. Well done!

  5. RusselNorman:
    Will make for frosty Key-Obama mtg on June 20 if Key joins Abbott’s anti-climate action alliance. Will Key join Abbott’s flat earth society?

  6. robertguyton says:

    “Climate change: An alliance against saving the world

    Last week saw both the US and China take strong steps to limit greenhouse gas emissions. So naturally, Australia’s Tony Abbott is trying to organise other countries against it:
    Tony Abbott is seeking a conservative alliance among “like-minded” countries, aiming to dismantle global moves to introduce carbon pricing, and undermine a push by US President Barack Obama to push the case for action through forums such as the G20.

    Visiting Ottawa for a full day of talks with the conservative Canadian Prime Minister and close friend Stephen Harper, Mr Abbott flagged intentions to build a new centre-right alliance led by Canada, Britain and Australia along with India and New Zealand.


    The combined front would attempt to counter recent moves by the Obama administration to lift the pace of climate change abatement via policies such as a carbon tax or state-based emissions trading. It is a calculated attempt to push back against what both leaders see as a left-liberal agenda in favour of higher taxes, unwise interventions to address global warming, and an unhealthy attitude of state intervention.

    Yes, seriously: Abbott is trying to organise a global alliance to stop people from saving the world. That really does take the cake for regression.

    Meanwhile, it is disturbing to see New Zealand included on Abbott’s list of possible allies. Someone really needs to ask John Key where he stands on this, and force him to either publicly reject Abbott, or give up on his pretence to care about climate change.”


  7. Dave Kennedy says:

    *Has allowed the dollar to be over valued and put pressure on exporters
    *Has cut funding in real terms to R&D and caused the shift of scientist away from Invermay. Science should be regionally supportive.
    *Has cut the funding by up to 25% for the maintenance of rural roads to build uneconomic motorways (Holiday Highway).
    *Has invested in increasing the volume of milk produced rather than adding value.
    *Has allowed fracking to expand (and related land farming) without proper controls. This has the potential to damage farms and our clean reputation for our export markets. We should learn from the Australian experience:
    *Was supportive of Solid Energy’s plans to mine lignite in Southland which would have destroyed a valuable farming area.
    *Has under-funded biosecurity
    *Has allowed Australian Banks to influence investment and agricultural development for their own interests.
    *Has cut staff from from regional government services.
    *Supports the TPPA which is likely to disadvantage New Zealand businesses in favour of multi national corporates.

    Green Party:
    *Will strengthen our clean green brand to access growing markets for clean healthy food and lessen the risk of us losing this reputation.
    *Will strengthen biosecurity
    *Will invest more in R&D
    *Will work collaboratively with farmers and promote practical solutions like we have with our “Good Farm Stories”:
    *Ensure that fracking doesn’t endanger our agricultural economy as it has in Australia.
    *Support investment in new technology and adding value to primary commodities
    *Will provide the Reserve Bank with more tools to more effectively manage our over-valued dollar.
    * Has the lowest business tax
    *Will stop overseas (nonresident) investors from buying land and driving up prices beyond what New Zealanders can afford.
    *Support New Zealand owned banks and use a Green Bank to invest in sustainable businesses.
    *Allow greater regional autonomy and improve Government services.
    *Cut the inflated cost of electricity
    *Ensure Government procurement better supports local businesses and jobs.
    *Supports ‘Fair Trade’

  8. Greens ahead by a country mile.

  9. JC says:

    “Greens ahead by a country mile.”

    Greens down in the polls by 30+%.


  10. Dave Kennedy says:

    And I didn’t mention the anger of the rural school boards of Trustees when they were threatened with sacking if they didn’t adopt the dubious National Standards, or the frustration of rich Chinese gaining citizenship against advice while hard working Filipino families in rural communities missing out. It is clear that this Government loves the money rolling in from the dairy industry but doesn’t really support rural communities or our quality of life.

  11. Dave Kennedy says:

    JC, three months to go 😉

  12. Gravedodger says:

    Guyedy and Kenton, blah blah blady blah.

    No further evidence required that your grasp of economic reality is non existent.

    “National Was supportive of Solid Energy’s plans to mine lignite in Southland which would have destroyed a valuable farming area”.

    The total bastards, deny the moronic greens another opportunity to oppose extraction of wealth, bastards. it also denied us retards of a further opportunity to oppose further dairy development.

    “The Melons will provide the Reserve Bank with more tools to more effectively manage our over-valued dollar”. Yeah well those who worked hard and saved for their retirement will love you to bits when our savings are inflated to nothing, bastards.

    The Melons “Supports ‘Fair Trade” To the loons leaders; have they seen any recent reports that expose a total hypocrisy around benefits of the “Fair trade scam” reaching the target group lauded in the propaganda as being beneficiaries of “Fair Trade”.

    Better to be silent and thought stupid than rattle your keyboard and remove any lingering doubt eh.

    Case dismissed, next?

  13. I’m sending you beams of pure love, Gravedodger.
    It will help, trust me!

  14. Paranormal says:

    DK the greens must be AMAZING to be able to achieve all that stuff. As always all fluff and no substance. All you’ve got are lovely soundbites but the nation needs more than talking points to maintain what we have and to grow further.

    As for RG and DK call on the new religion that is climate change. The public have moved on, the science is proven to be not settled, and the climate just doesn’t seem to be complying with your warming demands.

    But keep repeating your meme’s. How many times does it need to be repeated to become the truth again?

  15. Marc Williams says:

    A letter writer in the DomPost today used the phrase “Climate disturbance demands urgent action…” in talking about carbon tax strategies. First global warming, then climate change, now climate disruption. What next, changeable weather? When will you get it zealots? Nearly eighteen years, and it still snows in the UK, and the polar bears continue to thrive.

  16. Dave Kennedy says:

    “DK the greens must be AMAZING to be able to achieve all that stuff”

    Paranormal, you obviously support it all if it can be made to happen. Vote for us in enough numbers and watch us get things done. For a party that has never been in government we have already achieved a lot, imagine what we could achieve when we actually do make it 🙂

    A small sample:

  17. Paranormal says:

    Sadly DK it’s clear Greens policies are based on flaky economics, dodgy science and emotion over facts.

  18. TraceyS says:

    “First global warming, then climate change, now climate disruption. What next, changeable weather?”

    One has to wonder, Marc, if there is also “people change” going on. That is, are we all becoming less connected with the weather, the land, nature? And consequently, far less resilient, hardy and practical in how we approach nature’s challenges.

    Farmers and those who work on the land are still pretty hardy though.

  19. robertguyton says:

    National’s head-in-the-sand, flat-out denial, avoid-at-all-costs position on climate change is a serious threat to us all. But at least it’s only temporary as they will be in Opposition come September and their dangerous flat-earth thinking will be nothing more than a background whine.

  20. TraceyS says:

    ^ None of the immediately above is accurate.

  21. robertguyton says:

    It’s spot-on, dead-straight, on the button actual
    Tracey, you’re in denial.

  22. TraceyS says:

    Willing something into actuality is real only in your head, Robert.

    But hey, don’t let me stop you. It has no bearing on the rest of us. I choose to do more productive things with my time.

  23. jabba says:

    our parliament has been “blessed” with having the Gweens for years now .. what have they achieved in all that time?

  24. Jabba – at 12:27 & 12:25, Dave posted a number of links that answer your question, making me wonder if you actually read Ele’s blog or do you just spurt thoughtless comments at random? As Tracey does.

  25. JC says:

    “what have they achieved in all that time?”

    They got their employee appointed Leader of the Internet Party and handmaiden to KDC.


  26. MorganGodfery: Climate change: scientific urgency, meet political contempt. You’re not going to get along.

  27. KimDotcom: I think #Mega just signed a deal and raised another $8+ Million. Massive growth! Reverse listing on NZX planned for August.

  28. KimDotcom: Breaking: US court just granted our motion for stay of all pending civil action by Hollywood against #Megaupload and myself.

  29. NathanRoss10: (1) The government website “Welcome to Coal” ( boasts that NZ has 15 billion tonnes of coal to be exploited.


  30. kathycumming: Mr Key was advised to say: “This Government takes climate change seriously.”

  31. ploughboy says:

    congratulations robert you have mastered cut and paste you must be very proud of yourself.

  32. JC says:

    Whew.. thats a relief. I thought it was a little dog humping one of the legs of the blog.


  33. Paranormal says:

    RG, it appears you are getting more desperate as your personal belief in climate change faces scientific reality. The wisdom of crowds shows the public have seen through climate alarmists lies and misinformation.

    As we march inexorably towards the election, the public mindset is reinforced as poll after poll shows the public have, to coin a phrase, moved on. The left is in complete disarray, and in your case, point blank denial of the situation.

  34. Dave Kennedy says:

    “…point blank denial of the situation.”

    So explain your understanding of climate change again… 😉

  35. jabba says:

    I think that Mr Guyton is depressed that his “blog” is an organic lemon so tries to hijack his popular opposition .. some have banned his childish rants and others feel sorry for him

  36. JC says:


    Its reasonably straightforward.. there has been warming since the 70s but no statistically significant warming for now nearly 18 years and sea rise is at a similar level to the past 100 years or more..

    Humans have probably a part to play in the warming but no one knows how much.

    Climate models run too “hot” by a wide margin and are thus falsified.

    There is a strong case to be made that adaption is more economic and robust than trying to change the climate.


  37. Willdwan says:

    I would add that it is far from clear why, regardless of what the climate is currently up to, it always needs to be ‘fixed’ by enacting the A to Z of progressive socialism.

  38. Dave Kennedy says:

    JC and Willdawn, I rest my case 😉

  39. Freddy says:

    KDC has so many criminal proceedings against him on the go that they can not all be held at once…how on Gods green earth is that a victory for the Nazi thief..?

  40. JC says:


    “I rest my case”

    You didn’t have one to start.. so you are very wise to rest whatever it is you thought you had in the face of the incredible yawn fest that has developed.


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