Politics Daily

This is an attempt to replace Dr Bryce Edwards’ daily political round-up while he’s taking a break.

I’m not pretending to be balanced.

While I link to a range of news stories, the blogs I link to are usually from the centre to the bluer end of the political spectrum or the more reasonable or witty bits of the pink to red end.

You’re welcome to leave links to other news and blogs in comments.

Electoral Act breaches

Inventory 2 @ Keeping Stock – Some thoughts on Electoral Act breaches

Cameron Slater @ Whale Oil – Why won’t the Police act with complaints from the Electoral Commission?

Cameron Slater @ Whale Oil – Andrew Little just drew a great big target on the backs of his Labour pals


Steven Joyce, Tony Ryall – $78m in health research funding announced

Murray McCully – NZ support for new Pacific eye care centre

Tim Groser – Address to business chambers event – Philippines


Dan Satherley @ TV3 – ACT ‘determined to play straight’ – Whyte

Pete George @ Your NZ – Different impressions of Jamie Whyte

John Banks

TV3 – Sympathy for Banks despite differences

Rob Hosking @ NBR Banks’ departure will clear the air

Michael Fox and Hamish Rutherford @ Stuff –  John Banks’ votes would’ve been rejected

Audrey Young – Conviction delay blindsided Act MP

Tracy Watkins @ Stuff – Banks departure a less messy solution

Danyl Mclauchlan @ Dim Post – Silly Laws

TV3 – IPCA considers John Banks inquiry


Gerry Brownlee – A lawyer’s field day at the taxpayers’ expense

Insurance Council of NZ – Earthquake Court approach misguided

David Farrar @ Kiwiblog – Labour’s insurance court

Pete George @ Your NZ – Labour soul searching

No right Turn – A paucity of vision

Cameron Slater @ Whale Oil – Labour has lost their lost their raison d’etre

Inventory 2 @ Keeping Stock – Comment of the Day – 9 June 2014


Pete George @ Your NZ – Dotcom and citizenship

Russel Brown @ Public Address – Meanwhile back at the polls

Green Party

David Farrar @ Kiwiblog – The Greens want 3D printing for NZ

Cameron Slater @ Whale Oil – Green Taliban’s “3D blueprint” for the future nothing but hype



Hekia Parata – Teachers take role in leadership plan

Inventory 2 @ Keeping Stock – Parata on the IES programme

David Farrar @ Kiwiblog – The “Tea Party” left

Matthew Beveridge – Leaving on a jet plane 2

Matthew Beveridge – A blast from the past

Stacey Kirk @ Stuff –  Civilian Party ‘a joke on taxpayers’

Eric Crampton @ Offsetting Behaviour – Value for Money election broadcasting edition

David Farrar @ Kiwiblog – Joyce rated more valuable than Cunliffe

Cameron Slater @ Whale Oil – Why readers are turned off by main stream media and voting with their dollars

7 Responses to Politics Daily

  1. Andrei says:

    Bulgaria Halts Work on South Stream Gas Pipeline

    Bulgaria’s prime minister has ordered on Sunday a halt to construction work on the Gazprom-led South Stream pipeline project planned to bypass Ukraine as a transit country and consolidating Russia’s energy grip in Europe.

    Plamen Oresharski said after meeting U.S. Sens. John McCain, Christopher Murphy and Ron Johnson that he has ordered all work on the disputed project to continue only after consultations with Brussels.


    The USA has declared war on Russia. Its not about freedom and democracy – don’t believe their bullshit.

    If Bulgaria hadn’t complied, they would have got a color revolution.


  2. JC says:

    Eric Crampton in a roundabout way supports a comment I made here a day ago.. we need to vigorously oppose state funding that locks in the incumbency of just a handful of parties under MMP.

    Either get rid of MMP or embrace its ambition to be inclusive of a wide range of views and ideologies.



  3. RBG says:

    Apparently the National candidate for Epsom was replaced by a bag of flour in the TV3 debate after National’s Paul Goldsmith turned down an invitation to appear.


  4. RBG says:

    JC. it seems you need reminding that the New Zealand public recently voted to keep MMP.


  5. Gravedodger says:

    Hypothetical I know but in the light of the extension to what the socialists and their fellow travelers have railed against in Epsom for the last three elections, the chemical warfare of the vengeful German and his coterie of alliance remnants, I wonder if a similar result would eventuate if the referendum was on for later this year.


  6. Andrei says:

    MMP is a system of Government designed to deliver parliament that is not capable of governing allowing our masters to rule us as they see fit – giving the cover of democracy when it isn’t


  7. JC says:

    “JC. it seems you need reminding that the New Zealand public recently voted to keep MMP.”

    And my comment is to remind us of that fact and either enter into the intent of MMP or ditch it. Yes you can change it every time you identify something you don’t like but the eventual result is it will become something more like FPP.



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