Kim Dotcan’t be citizen

Kim Dotcom wants to become a New Zealand citizen and contest the 2017 election.

One of the requirements before citizenship is granted is good character:

How is the requirement assessed?
To determine whether you are of good character the Minister will consider the answers you have given in your application. We will also complete background checks with the New Zealand Police and other agencies. Things that are taken into account include:

  • criminal convictions;
  • infringements;
  • having an active protection order against you;
  • any other information received from other agencies.

Except in very rare circumstances, you will be disqualified from meeting the good character requirement if:

  • you have been in prison for five years or more; or
  • you have been sentenced to an indefinite term of imprisonment capable of running for five years or more; or
  • within the previous seven years you were subject to a sentence of imprisonment of less than five years; or
  • within the previous three years you were convicted of an offence but did not receive a sentence of imprisonment.

Pending charges
If you have committed any offence against the law of New Zealand or another country for which you have not yet been sentenced in court you may not meet the good character requirement. . .

He was granted residency in spite of not meeting the good character condition:

Billionaire Kim Dotcom was convicted on eight business charges in a Hong Kong court just a month after being granted conditional residency in New Zealand, it has been revealed.

Dotcom, 38, was granted New Zealand residency in November 2010 despite a string of foreign convictions and being considered persona non grata in Thailand.

He applied under the Investor Plus category after investing $10 million in government bonds, and was given a special direction which allowed him to gain residency despite not meeting the good character requirements. . . .

His convictions include:

Computer hacking in 1994 in Germany for which he received a two-year suspended sentence and was treated as a juvenile.

Insider trading and breach of trust in 2003 in Germany for which he received a one year and eight month suspended sentence and paid a 100,000 fine. (He now has a clean German police record because of the clean slate legislation.)

Minor traffic infringements before 2003.

Eight charges relating to the purchase of shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2010. He was fined HK$8000.

Surely the convictions Dotcom already has and the charges pending in the USA would disqualify him from citizenship.

If not, does buying a political party and several of its minions count as good character?

4 Responses to Kim Dotcan’t be citizen

  1. jabba says:

    are you sure he is a convicted criminal .. I mean the Gweens, Labour, Winny1st and Mana have all sucked up to him .. like, how can John Banks be such a bad guy in their eyes when they love Kimmy? I sense the H word is just hovering


  2. JLG says:

    …and yet we had so much trouble becoming residents. Kind of puts the whole incorruptibility of the NZ system into perspective.


  3. homepaddock says:

    There is something wrong with the system when people with blameless records and a good business have problems getting residency but someone like Dotcom appears to get in with relative ease.


  4. Judge Holden says:

    The rules said he failed the character test. What did the Minister of Immigration know, and what role did he play?


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