Banks resigning

A media release from John Banks:

“Further to the of the decision of the High Court at Auckland last Thursday,  I will  resign the seat of Epsom effective from 5pm this Friday the 13th of  June 2014” Mr Banks said.

“I will write to the Speaker tomorrow advising him of my resignation, said Mr Banks.

“This timeframe allows a number of constituency, administrative and staffing matters in Epsom and Wellington to be dealt with over the next few days.

“I have been privileged to serve the people of Epsom and New Zealand at both a local level and in Wellington. 

“I have given my heart and soul over four decades to making a worthwhile contribution to this country.  I have always endeavoured to do the right thing.  Consequently I am deeply saddened at this turn of events.

“As the matter is still before the Court I will be making no further comment” said Mr Banks.

This is a sad end to decades of public service motivated by the desire to balance the family ledger.

It is however, the honourable thing to do.

23 Responses to Banks resigning

  1. Yeah, yeah, just go.


  2. jabba says:

    I keep hearing that the hypocrites, the Hippies and Labour, want their “supporters” in Epson to vote for Paul Goldsmith like they did in Akl Central when it was vote Ardern but Party vote Gween .. is that true?


  3. And take your fellow fraudsters with you.


  4. MattNippert: Doorman at Cabinet Club. #JobsForBanksie


  5. bennettleton says:

    I think the spam filters could do with adjusting


  6. robertguyton says:

    Even the minnow fraudsters.


  7. bennettleton says:

    Care to elaborate on that last comment Robert?


  8. jabba says:

    bennettleton . noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, you are feeding the moron .. ignore him


  9. Response blocked by spam filter, damn!


  10. bennettleton says:

    I think he probably should clarify for his own sake, as “fraudster” has a pretty defamatory imputation and could certainly be “letter” in the mail territory


  11. Crumbs! #scaredstiff


  12. MorganGodfery: (Same-sex) Marriage Celebrant #JobsForBanksie


  13. Andreip[ says:

    RobertGuyton #/stormInATeacup


  14. Styla73:

    If only we could take sky city deal to another vote, eh? #bestdemocracymoneycanbuy


  15. Keeping Stock on Banks quitting:

    “…he has never been a quitter. His resignation as an MP…”

    Oh dear!


  16. jabba says:

    Riverton Medical Centre

    Palmerston Street, Riverton

    Phone: 03 234 8290

    Fax: 03 234 8583

    Fees Information
    Under 6 yrs $0
    6-17 yrs $32
    18-24 yrs $34
    25-44 yrs $34
    45-64 yrs $34
    65 yrs & over $34
    bOb, would you like me to send you a cheque for $34 to help your issue with mental health issues?


  17. robertguyton says:

    20 Thames Street
    Thanks, jabba.
    I’ll send you a receipt when your cheque arrives.
    I’m most grateful.


  18. jabba says:

    you need to change your Dr .. the one you are using isn’t up to it.


  19. Bingo Bob says:

    Jabba b0b has a Dr…Wussel the fwag waiver. Everything is “free” in Greenland..didn’t ya know that Jabba!


  20. Mr E says:

    Some politicians know when they are know longer welcome. When they have lost the support of their peers and public. When they are really just hanging around as a seat warmer, making endless pointless, nonsensical suggestions.

    Some politicians don’t.


  21. Southern says:

    why don’t you just ask bOb about his clean record, I remember watching a post on another Southland Blog about him, seems he was caught doing some naughty deeds involving vandalism, perhaps he could elaborate on here for us, c’mon bOb,


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