Member for Hypocrisy

Facebook post of the day:

I’m beginning to wonder if David Cunliffe is the Member for Hypocrisy.
Doesn’t like secret trusts – has one himself.
Doesn’t like donations from organisations that lobby for policy – takes tens of thousands from the unions
Doesn’t like the coat-tailing MMP rule – except if he benefits from it by working with Kim Dotcom to become PM.

It is possible Cunliffe would find more support from the Hypocrisy constituency than he has managed to get in polls seeking voters preferences for Prime Minister – not that that would be difficult given how low his support is there.

8 Responses to Member for Hypocrisy

  1. Hypocrisy?


    So it’s ok for taxpayers to pay the salary of a disgraced electoral fraud for the next few months?


  2. robertguyton says:

    “John Banks’ supporters are doing their best to implant the notion that he has done nothing too wrong. They want people to believe that being found guilty in the High Court of filing a false electoral return does not represent serious offence.”


  3. TraceyS says:

    It’s a beautiful day, Robert, take the weekend off from your crusade. The man has been through the justice system and will no doubt receive some form of punishment in due course. Why is that not good enough for you?


  4. robertguyton says:

    “But if your coalition partner is found guilty of fraud, failing to act isn’t ‘remaining neutral’. It’s taking a strong stance in favour of corruption.
    Key seems to think his own personal rapport with Banks is a good enough replacement for the High Court’s decision. He says he still stands by the Act leader, saying “I’ve always found him to be very honest” and calling him an “honest straightforward guy.” By what kind of standards? This shows real contempt for parliament and for the people of New Zealand.”

    Hypocrisy indeed!


  5. robertguyton says:

    Patrick Gower @patrickgowernz · 21h

    Paul Goldsmith refuses to join @TheNationTV3 Epsom debate. Out to lose again, the deal is done. Key & Joyce please be honest with NZ voters.


  6. jabba says:

    ahhhhh, Hypocrisy .. a word that always gets the Gweens twitchy. They were caught on telly campaigning in Ak Central at the last election asking for the party vote but wanting supporters to vote Ardern .. what was that all about?


  7. jabba says:

    I’m recovering from a longish hilly bike ride, watching a replay of The Nation and checking some Blogs before MOWING MY LAWNS and what to I see .. more boring rants from a Green hypocrite who hope his party will become part of a Govt lead by David Cuniffe who became leader by hiding the names of those who donated thousands of dollars to help. mmm.
    I assume the Gweens will be happy to have the Internet Party on board as well mmmmmmmmmmmmm


  8. pdm says:

    jabba – when it comes to liers and hypocrites Norman and Turei are right there in the thick of it. They have no conscience.


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