Politics daily

While I link to a variety of news stories, the blogs I link to are usually from the centre to the bluer end of the political spectrum or the more reasonable or witty bits of the pink to red end.

You’re welcome to leave links to other news and blogs in comments.

John Key in Pacific

Claire Trevett @ NZ Herald – Hard questions for Key in Niue

NZ to invest $1.25 million into tourism and energy in Niue

John Banks

John Armstrong @ NZ Herald – John Banks will take verdict hard

John Armstrong @ NZ Herald – National left nursing party that’s a never ending embarrassment

Adam Bennett @ NZ Herald – Key: Banks is honest, has ‘options’

Ian Steward, Laura Walters, Hamish Rutherford @ Stuff – John Banks’ position ‘untenable

Tracy Watkins  @ Dominion Post – John Banks is clinging to the wreckage

Hamish Rutherford @ Stuff – Banks case throws by-election into the mix

ODT – Resignation the honest action

The Press –  Verdict ruins a reputation

Stuff – John Banks: A life in politics

Inventory 2 @ Keepign Stock – Hoist by his own petard

Cameron Slater @ Whale Oil – The sanctimony and hypocrisy of David Cunliffe

David Farrar @ Kiwiblog

Andrew Geddis @ Pundit – Banks redux | Pundit

The Veteran @ No Minister – On John Banks


Cameron Slater @ Whaleoil – Labour’s Immigration policy this week looks quite different to last week, and different to the week before that

Cameron Slater @ Whaleoil – Chris Trotter is either on the payroll or simply lost the plot completely

Cameron Slater @ Whale Oil – I wonder if Labour’s expensive American software caused this or are they just tits?

Matthew Beveridge – Labour Party to or by?

Coat tailing

NZ Herald – National should rise to challenge on coat-tailing

Carbon tax

Cameron Slater @ Whale oil – About that carbon tax huh?


Matthew Beveridge – Rock Enrol: Non partisan or not?

Donal Curtin – @ The Dismal Science – In praise of policy rules

Matthew Beveridge – Come discuss with Clayton Commerce

Government Finance Statistics (Central Government): Year ended June 2013

One Response to Politics daily

  1. Andrei says:

    Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a meeting with members of the Russian Council on International Affairs in Moscow that Russia’s returning to traditional spiritual values, and this is one reason the West distances itself from it.

    He said, “To our surprise, some even advanced the thesis that the USSR’s communist doctrine, at least, remained within the Western worldview, but the new Russia, in its return to its traditional values rooted in Orthodoxy, is rather less comprehensible to them.

    Along with this, there’s an increasingly pronounced contradiction between the objective growth of global multipolarity and the desire of the USA and the West to maintain their accustomed dominant position, between the cultural and civilisational diversity of the modern world and the attempts of the West to impose its values upon all.

    The more detached the become from their own Christian roots, the less receptive they are to the religious feelings of people of other faiths”.



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