Cunliffe chucks stones from glass house

Prime Minister John Key said he was not in a position to offer the former Auckland mayor, now Act MP, John Banks advice.  

. . . “It’s not for me to offer a view on that,” Key said in Nelson this morning.

“In the end he is the leader of another political party.

“I can’t offer him advice any more than I could offer David Cunliffe advice on whether he should resign.”

Asked about Cunliffe’s claims that the Government was being propped up by a “corrupt” politician, Key said Cunliffe should rule out working with the Internet Party.

“I’m not going to be lectured by David Cunliffe,” he said.

“If he was the man of principle he says he is, he’d be ruling out the Internet Party and Kim Dotcom who’s before the court and is a convicted fraudster, but he’s not going to do that. Most people will see it for what it is, which is politics.” . . .

The PM didn’t have to sack Banks as a minister because he resigned.

He doesn’t have the power to sack him as an MP.

Banks was elected by the people of Epsom. Unless or until he’s convicted he can resign, which would be the honourable thing to do, or tough it out for another few weeks until parliament rises but he can’t be sacked.

Cunliffe should be very careful about criticising the PM over this because he’s chucking dirty great stones from a glass house.

He does have the ability to rule out any deal with the Internet Mana Party but won’t because he knows he might need the support of its MPs to govern.

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