H is for . . .

H is for hurry and that is what David Cunliffe appears to be in.

He wants to scarp the coat tail rule that enables parties which win seats to bring other MPs in even if they don’t get 5% of the vote, and he wants to do it within 100 days of getting into government.

Why the rush?

There will be nearly three years until the next election when the law change would apply. That’s plenty of time to draw up legislation, open it to public submission, let it go through the select committee process, report back to parliament and gain the cross-party support which any change to electoral law should have.

H is also for hypocrisy and that what Cunliffe is exhibiting.

He was part of successive governments which were supported by Jim Anderton against whom Labour didn’t try to compete to win the electorate and who, at least in the early days, brought other MPs in on his coat tails.

He was part of successive governments which benefited from Peter Dunne’s support and those of the MPs who came in on his coat tails – even though he won the seat through the votes of National Party supporters.

He was a senior member of the party which didn’t try too hard to win the Coromandel seat which enabled Jeanette Fitzsimons to win as insurance should the Green Party not reach the 5% threshold.

He didn’t worry about the coat-tailers then and is only making a fuss now because of the Internet Mana deal.

Yet he’s not sufficiently worried to take a stand and say he won’t enter a coalition with them which is an equally blatant example of hypocrisy.

While I agree the IMP deal is a perversion of MMP, democracies don’t change electoral law to get rid of potential rivals for power.

They leave it for the voters to exercise their discretion at the election.

I hope there will be more than enough who do that wisely and foil the IMP plan to gain power by manipulating MMP.

If they don’t, so be it.

Cunliffe can cobble together a coalition of GIMPs and try to introduce changes to the electoral law which would sabotage at least one of the parties on whose votes he’ll depend for a majority.

H is also for help and that’s what we’ll all need should that be the sort of government we get.

6 Responses to H is for . . .

  1. The acronym GIMP is catching on. Bill English used it yesterday during a speech in Wanganui.

  2. homepaddock says:

    GIMP or LIMP, both would be a disaster for NZ.

  3. RBG says:

    H is for – Hey guys- how did Act get into parliament?
    John Key, cup of tea, hypocrisy.

  4. Gravedodger says:

    @ RGB exactly in the same way The Troughmaster General ensured continuing success in Wigram as the migration to the west threatened his continued tenure as an MP in the many guises of the radical left he embraced at each election when Labour made no effort to take that seat.
    And the very overt moves by Labour to assist Ms Fitzsimons to win Coromandal when the GP were threatened with electoral oblivion by the 5% and Goudie was going to win the seat on polling.

    Thems the rules and this latest employment of the rules with two very very different parties iin the beginning seeking a marriage of convenience that even had a dissolution clause to take effect six weeks into the term of the parliament is a quite questionable stance.
    Perhaps less now that the reverse take over by the remnant Alliance party has eventuated for the Internet party that was always the keep KDC from extradition rort, has been exposed as just another bunch of hard left ends deny means bunch.

    One very certain fact in all thios is the widespread acceptance of the machinations by KDC and the Te Tai Tokerau mouth by you and your fellow travelers would not have been so palatable had the tactics been employed by a coalition of desire by ACT and Craig in Epsom.

    Agree H is for HYPOCRISY.

  5. You’re not wrong there Ele; the recovery from recession would be halted in its tracks.

  6. RBG says:

    Gravedodger, you clearly object to Internet Mana using the coat tails rule (and Anderton and Fitzsimmons). What then is your opinion on it being used for Act and Epsom and possibly Colin Craig?

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