What does Labour think?

On the face of it a tax to discourage something that isn’t wanted is okay.

It works for tobacco.

Perhaps that’s why the Taxpayers’ Union uncharacteristically is welcoming a new tax.

. . . “For us the key questions are whether the Green Party’s policy will result in a simpler, more transparent tax system and whether it will reduce New Zealand’s overall tax burden. From what we’ve seen to date, it appears the proposals could do both.” . . .

The Green part doesn’t want to reduce the overall tax burden.

It wants to add a capital gains tax without any compensating reduction in other taxes and it’s planning other taxes including charges on water.

But the most important question about this policy is what does Labour think?

. . . For the policy to be implemented it would have to be accepted by the Labour Party as part of a coalition deal, and there would have to be a change of government.

Labour isn’t commenting – which usually means it doesn’t agree with what the Greens want.

The tax would impose higher costs on households than any compensatory reduction in other taxes and that would hit the poorest people hardest.

A carbon tax was one of the big factors which sank Julia Gillard’s Labor government in Australia, Labour here will take that into account before it decides whether or not to support the policy here.


3 Responses to What does Labour think?

  1. JC says:

    If Global Warming really was “the biggest issue of all time” as suggested by Norman then a direct tax on carbon is clearly the way to go.

    However, if you then take that $1 billion raised in a carbon tax and used it to give tax credits to tax payers instead of into a fighting fund to control carbon then all you are doing redistributing money from one disliked group to another as a straightout bribe.

    You are thus saying as clearly as possible that Global Warming is simply a ruse to isolate a group you don’t like and which probably doesn’t vote for you and to reward other groups who would have an incentive to vote for you.


  2. Andrei says:

    The fact that we even have a Party as intellectually bereft as the Greens in Parliament shows how depth our cultural decline and malaise.

  3. Marc Williams says:

    Andrei if it were a ‘true’ Green Party, then I have no problem with them being represented in Parliament. The NZ Greens are anything but – they are a socialist cult who masquerade behind green principles. A true green party would be in coalition with whichever party was in power, to best influence policy and make a contribution to our environment. Their most telling achievements so far was their sensible backing and promotion of the home insulation scheme – done in cooperation with National. The Maori Party went further, a supply and agreement coalition meant they have had Ministerial responsibility, and have achieved far above most people’s expectations for their policies. I think the underlying true basis for the NZ Green Party means they will be forever, in NZ, a discontented running sore on the horizon. Perhaps a splinter Green “Alliance” party would fare better, without the communist BS. They would get a better hearing from 99% of environmental savvy Kiwis.

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