Politics daily

New Zealand Politics Daily is taking  a break.

I don’t have the time or inclination to provide the same service of a reasonably comprehensive list of links to news stories and blog posts on issues of the day.

However, I’m willing to start with a few and invite anyone who has read anything I’ve missed to add a link to it in a comment.

I won’t pretend to be balanced – there will be more links to blogs of a bluer hue. Anyone who wants the red and green end of the spectrum better represented is welcome to leave links.

John Key in Samoa

Claire Trevett @ NZ Herald – Big chief Key visits Samoa on first leg of Pacific tour:

Prime Minister John Key says he is expecting the campaign for the All Blacks to play in Samoa to be on the agenda in his meeting with Samoa’s Prime Minister today, and said he was a fan of the idea himself. . . .

Claire Trevett – @ NZ Herald – Key gets taste of Samoan pride in Apia:

Prime Minister John Key got a taste of Samoan pride at Independence Day celebrations in Apia today. . .

Green Party

Isaac Davison @ NZ Herald – Carbon policy dangles cash carrot:

The Green Party is offering up tax breaks of $6 a week for households to soften the blow of a proposal to tax carbon pollution in New Zealand for the first time. . . .

RadioNZ – Greens’ carbon tax policy challenged:

A carbon tax as proposed by the Green Party would make New Zealand’s primary export industry less competitive than other countries’, Federated Farmers says. . .

Federated Farmers – Green Party Carbon Tax a mixed message:

Farmers will be confused by the Green Party’s decision to abandon the world’s most stringent Emissions Trading Scheme in favour of a Carbon Tax. . .

Matt Nolan @ The Visible Hand – Greens’ carbon tax:

I see that the Greens have announced a carbon tax to replace the emissions trading scheme (with details and analysis by BERL here).  . .

Cameron Slater @ Whale Oil – A massive tax on NZ and the Greens reckon each household will save a measly $319 p.a.:

The Green party is going into this election proposing a carbon tax…the exact same thing that cost Julia Gillard her job. . . .

David Farrar @ Kiwiblog – The Green’s carbon tax:

The have proposed scrapping, the , replacing it with a , and compensating for the with a reduction in income and company tax. . .

Business NZ – More sophisticated approach than carbon tax needed:

The business community is disappointed by the Green Party carbon tax policy, saying it would not be good for communities, bringing potential loss of jobs and industry. . .

John Armstrong @ NZ Herald  – Excitement the mark of a party whose time has come:

The Greens are straining at the leash. They are not just hungry for power. They are starving. . .

RadioNZ – Questions over Greens’ healthcare policy:

The Green Party’s promise of free healthcare for everyone up to the age of 18 is unaffordable and fiscally irresponsible, the Government says. . .


Jane Bowron @ The Press – Piling on inducements:

Town planners of the future will have to set aside lots of land for dementia wards if the latest research by a Finnish doctor is to be taken seriously. . .

The Owl @ Whaleoil – Who will get all the union donations?

The left parties now have a major issue and in particular Labour as the union donations for the elections are up for grabs. . .

Pete George at Your NZ – A young person’s view:

Yesterday I was talking to someone in their twenties who has at least average awareness of news and what goes on in politics. . .


Marlborough express – Migrants not the problem:

There is no cause for excitement about the number of migrants showing up from distant lands. . .


Pete George @ Your NZ  – Kim Dotcom and the Internet Party:

Is it ever going to be possible to separate Kim Dotcom from the Internet Party (and now the Internet/Mana campaign constriction)? . . .

Gravedodger @ No Minister – NZ Prepares For The International Pinhead Dancing Championships:

As the dust settles following the High Socialistiety marriage of the decade between the hard left of NZ politics and the most media prominent 1 percenter on current rankings, indications are that a significant number of the hopefuls for the WFoPD  world champs are well off the pace. . .

Cameron Slater @ whale Oil – The advent of political Mega-donors:

The best thing about Kim Dotcom pouring millions into this election is that he has set the benchmark for all other parties…and it is the left-wing that has done it. . .

Cameron Slater @ whale Oil – Will David Cunliffe commit to shunning the Internet Mana Party?

Labour and David Cunliffe find themselves in a pickle and one that all media commentators and the hard left have missed. . .


David Farrar @ Kwiblog – A smart ad:

The Conservative Party ran this ad full page in the Sunday newspapers. It said: . . .

NZ Herald – Top honours for business long overdue:

A recurring criticism of this country is that it fails to acknowledge the importance of its business leaders. . . .

Alf Grmuble – Try becoming a broadcaster, if you are not Labour’s Flavell of the month – or try another party:

Dunno what is so disagreeable about Will Flavell within Labour ranks. . . .

Timaru Herald – Further protection for victims in new law:

Late last Tuesday Parliament passed the Victims Orders Against Violent Offender’s Bill. . .

Southland times – Fixing up the fixing:

 The Government is right to be making match-fixing an explicit criminal offence. . . .

Peter Cresswell @ Not PC – The use of the English language in Australia:

Yes, Tony Abbott, words do have meaning. . . .


36 Responses to Politics daily

  1. Hi, Ele. I didn’t see you in Oamaru over the weekend of the Steampunk festival. Are you not genuine? You promote Oamaru@gigatown but you were not ‘on the ground’. Pretender much?


  2. Mr E says:

    So the purpose of attending Steampunk is to promote Gigatown Oamaru?

    Is that right Southland Regional Councillor?


  3. Didn’t see Ele…anywhere…


  4. Not present.


  5. BTW – the general Election?
    Thanks, KDC, Laila et al.


  6. homepaddock says:

    I hope your search for sightings of me didn’t detract from your enjoyment of what all reports say was a wonderful weekend. Unfortunately three other Fs – a funeral, the farm and family – had to take priority over most of the festivities.

    But I did manage some time in Oamaru to enjoy the sights and have written a post on that for tomorrow. If you didn’t see me you weren’t looking in the right places at the right times.


  7. TraceyS says:

    ^ No photo of yourself! Did you perhaps go dressed as Rumplestiltskin?


  8. robertguyton says:

    Looking forward to that.


  9. TraceyS says:

    ^ intended for Robert!


  10. robertguyton says:

    Tracey I was everywhere! You’ll find me , if you look, but yes, Rumplestiltskin is my name!


  11. robertguyton says:

    Where were you Tracey?
    Nowhere, I’m bound.


  12. robertguyton says:



  13. TraceyS says:

    “Nowhere” you’re bound? No wonder the self-seeking, Robert.


  14. Doesn’t matter. National have lost the election. The rest is just chatter. No more from me.


  15. TraceyS says:

    No more clatter from you…great! I like the sound of that.


  16. Ray says:

    Returns to our host’s blog after a long (but welcome) absence.
    Craps all over the floor.


  17. Bingo Bob says:

    Ray you beat me to it! But look at the moniker on his posts…they change between “robertguyton” and “Robert Guyton”.
    For this reason I believe that the posts under the moniker of “RBG”
    are in fact Guyton. With 3 posts in one minute at 10.18pm I would suggest that he has been smoking something. Certainly they make no contribution to the post from HP. He signed his own death warrant months ago for me.


  18. Mr E says:

    Lyrics from a song that stuck in my head.

    ‘Cause I’m Slim Shady, yes I’m the real Shady
    All you other Slim Shadys are just imitating
    So won’t the real Slim Shady please stand up,
    Please stand up, please stand up?


  19. Gravedodger says:

    Guyton we need no further evidence of your disconnect and ego driven mania, and I note as a first for me RBG and R(r)obert G(g)uyton are posting around similar time zones.
    Attitude and content arouse many doubts as to different people being bollocks.

    Using separate IDs is a good fit with Guyton, greenfly is a banned example at KB. and good bastard Iv2 has similar issues.

    In my early forays into blogging I used different nome d plume for valid reasons around acceptance to different forums under different rules resulting from an inability to access them, Whaleoil being one.

    I soon realised Gravedodger was an entirely different personna to the other, and quickly found assistance to settle on the one I have used for years now and he is still a different person to Moi.

    The original innocent deception, inadvertent as it was, was guilt generating and I have settled on and continued with the Gd as a layer of protection and mind relief for swmbo whom I would never want to endure the occasional very unsettling comments I receive, by association with our shared marital ID.
    Subsequent health issues require a continuation of that in the face of a heightened desire to take named ownership for my positions.

    I readily accept that along with the duplicitous behavior inherent in posting and commenting under a NdP and the exposure of manipulative moves by those much more advanced in using detective work beyond the curtain when people such as Prentice at The Standard and Slater at Whaleoil can find apparently expose such behavior. I am assured by our tech guy at No Minister there is no way to discover origins of abusive content with the tools we have under “Blogger”.

    Btw RBG you missed the “peed in HIS pants” the other day so the claim of gender confusion remains, and content is often as identifiable as Finger Prints, particularly when cumulative.


  20. RBG says:

    I’m NOT Robert Guyton. Get over it.


  21. Gravedodger says:

    Accepted that RBG, Robert Guyton, robertguyton, Greenfly, village idiot, are all separate electronic entities. To paraphrase Groucho there are others!!!
    It may just be a coincidence under threat of some confusion by choice of words/ phrases, subjects and positions taken RGB but assuming you chose your ID knowing what inference could be drawn on your choice of that ID. If we are wrong it is indeed unfortunate except for Robert of course he will be flattered and his already tilting ego will be now quite unstable
    It is you wearing the cloak that leads some of us to question your assertions and quite simply loud protest in the face of evidence is really just muddying already clouded waters, it really is snafu when any of Guytons personna are suspect.

    Those questioning your ID are entitled to their take on a matter crying out for speculation, and if what you claim is the truth Guyton will be wetting hisself , as for me, methinks you may protest too much. You appear to be at the very least a blood brother of Robert in so many ways.


  22. RBG says:

    “methinks you may protest too much”- WTF? Can’t win can I. Was I supposed to change my initials or make up some other name?

    Speculate all you like, you”re perfectly entitled, but I’m not anyones brother. It’s weird that you seem to think that any disagreement with your ideas could only come from 1 person taking on different identities.


  23. RGB – the inability of those here to differentiate between us, to discern reality from fantasy, to recognise simple truths, as demonstrated by the confusion they suffer over what to you and I is a simple matter of truth and transparency, is indicative of their struggle to see what’s so wrong with their world view and their champions, the National party and in particular, John Key. You are correct, you can’t win here, your assigned role is to fail in order that they can feel empowered. Don’t feel too bad, your time here has not been wasted. Many readers are not so blind as Gravedodger, Ele, JC et al and must shake their heads at the blockheadedness that so frustrates you. I eventually faded under the barrage of blocks that are thrown daily here on Homepaddock, just as I bowed-out from Keeping Stock, which was worse – the stupid their is intense and KS far more lost from reality than Ele, who is simple enamoured and that can’t be helped.


  24. Mr E says:

    A letter to myself:

    Dear ME (abbreviated Mr E)

    Robert says he has “faded”
    Robert says RBG “can’t win” and will “fail”. He appears to be discouraging supporters of the Greens. Suggesting instead failure.

    He sounds Blue.

    Perhaps you should pen him a note, on his turn around, expressing concern? Or perhaps you should celebrate?

    Regardless, keep smiling ME. Keep smiling.


  25. Gravedodger readily accepts the ‘duplicitous behavior inherent in posting and commenting under a NdP’.

    Duplicitous behaviour inherent in posting and commenting under a nom de plume.

    Thank you, Gravedodger (NdP).
    Take note, Mr E (NdP)

    There are precious few of us courageous enough to put our name to our words. Those who do should be congratulated for their courage and honesty.


  26. Inherent.



  27. Mr E says:

    Self proclaimed “faded” Robert Guyton has now agreed with Gravedodger. Shortly after he condemned you to failure.

    I don’t think you should be tempted into silence. Although in a strange way, if Gravedodger is correct, biting your tongue may be a satisfactory response to Roberts attacks.


  28. I lost interest in Ele’s blog in part, Mr E, because of your inane twaddle and I see I was right to do so.
    RGB – great initials! I identify with them and with your comments. They are a refreshing, logical and insightful breath of fresh air in a home paddock that has the sometime fetid odour of stilted thinking hanging over it. Homepaddocks are not renowned for their diversity nor their contribution to the health of the planet. I should have known better.

    To infinity…and beyond!


  29. Gravedodger says:

    Guyton you are a sad deluded retard.
    A narcissistic spoiled child residing in an adult body.

    Your many adopted guises that you now ignore, will continue to condemn you by their existence for all time in the ether.
    For one claiming such exulted righteousness over the comments you put out in the name of the greenparty supporter of Riverton will always be suspect due to the well documented unacceptable behavior you have produced in the past under various aliases.
    Your copious self promotion as a paragon of rectitude now that you sometimes post under the name of a person who resides in Riverton may have truth in that action, who knows, only you in truth.
    We of a skeptical nature will never be sure as you have been exposed more than once as commenting under other aliases and in fact are banned for an unlimited time at Kiwiblog for an offense regarded as about as serious as can be found in the world of blogging, as “greenfly”.

    What you claim as a superiority by using a real name however suspicious it may in fact be over lesser souls may be no more than a continued bullying of those who have ended up using an alias for whatever reason.

    For me as stated in earlier comments, my continued use of gravedodger has now become a necessity, compelled by a degenerative neurological condition that could be seriously exacerbated by changing to my given names,
    A fact that brings with it a sadness not only for the unwanted affliction and its side effects but a now suppressed desire to take full ownership for what I say and what I believe in by posting and commenting under my given names.

    Much of what you asserted in your 12 09/10 comments was and still is offensive but given your shallow arrogant disregard for what most in the blogworld accept as an anonymity to be regarded as sacrosanct for any number of reasons, is in in a word moronic.


  30. Mr E says:

    If I’ve truly driven you away Robert, I’ll hang my head contemplation and reflection for a fitting period.

    Right- moving right along.

    I noted your ‘au re voir’ contained a citation from Buzz Lightyear. I’d like to point out a few notes on that.

    Buzz is a play thing
    Buzz repeats the same boring phrases when his buttons are pushed
    The main phrase he repeats is unachievable nonsense.

    I’m not sure if you intended a hidden meaning in that citation or not?

    Regardless, all the best in your endeavours.

    I make a special effort to point out that I take offence to some of GDs statements in his most recent post. I request an apology from him and recommend to Ele, removal of the offensive phrases.


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