Sunday soapbox

Sunday’s soapbox is yours to use as you will – within the bounds of decency and absence of defamation. You’re welcome to look back or forward, discuss issues of the moment, to pontificate, ponder or point us to something of interest, to educate, elucidate or entertain, amuse, bemuse or simply muse.
This won’t have you in stitches, but it was too good not to share.  #FunnyFriday

4 Responses to Sunday soapbox

  1. Andrei says:

    Apologies for this

    Here is what is reported AP via Stuff.

    The linked story may change as the day goes on


  2. Andrei says:

    And here is part of the reality an airstrike on a city of ordinary people in Europe 2014 and this isn’t the worst video


  3. Andrei says:

    I had only intended to post the last part of the above not the horrors of the whole thing, which I have as one piece but it linked as a playlist. I didn’t intend to show the carnage, just that it had happened – not that anybody seems to care,

    This is an atrocity, another one, and one that is well documented if not well reported – one that the powers that be are denying and are trying to keep hidden from us.

    Even as I type Slavyansk is under air assault and no matter how much innocent blood gets spilled the silence over it will be deafening.

    This was an airstrike – there are several videos of the plane firing its missiles taken from different angles – there is even security camera footage of them striking.

    Sorry to harp on but this is important – we can’t stop it, we can’t do anything but the more people who know the sooner the misery makers behind this will have to bring it to an end.


  4. homepaddock says:

    Andrei – we know someone from the Ukraine who is on his way back there, he hopes only temporarily. It is important for those of us who don’t know or understand much about what is happening and why, to remember it’s happening to innocent people.


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