Standing up for children

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18 Responses to Standing up for children

  1. TraceyS says:

    Don’t forget grandparents, educators, communities that support their local schools etc.


  2. Bulaman says:

    Has she got any kids?


  3. TraceyS says:



  4. Ray says:

    “Who, if not the greens, will stand up for our children”.

    Ms Turei and her fellow Commie travelers see themselves as a benevolent guiding force for our children, more able to correct their thoughts and behavior for their own good than mere parents.
    Be very afraid of these people.


  5. RBG says:

    ‘be very afraid of these people’. Why Ray? Do you really think the Greens are going to steal your children and brainwash them? Looks like you have a problem separating fantasy from reality. The Greens are just a political party not a cult. You are paranoid.


  6. Willdwan says:

    You people are to be feared because you are fanatics who combine ideology with politics, that toxic mixture which has brought death, misery and mayhem to uncounted millions throughout history. Compare your fear of AGW, an unproven hypothesis with no empirical evidence, to our fear of totalitarians based on the accumulated experience of over five thousand years of recorded history, and then ask yourself who is paranoid.


  7. TraceyS says:

    I’m not afraid. But there is more to her than the warm, smiley, cuddly teddy image. Unfortunately that’s all some people will ever consider. I’d encourage people to look deeper at Green policies and find therein that which is inherently un-child friendly. This requires an application of logic and some imagination, but no need for paranoia.


  8. RBG says:

    Nurses in schools is hardly inherently un-child friendly, neither is caring about the state of the world we leave for everyone’s children. Willdwan seems to be confusing the Greens with Stalin and Mao, get a grip mate!


  9. RBG says:

    Ps TraceyS, you say you need to use logic and some IMAGINATION to find out how the Greens are un-child friendly. That certainly explains many of your nonsense comments about the Greens, you just IMAGINE what you think they stand for.


  10. TraceyS says:

    I am disappointed RBG. Absolutely no evidence of deep, critical thinking. Suggest you try engaging your imagination.

    Some of history’s greatest thinkers did this and made discoveries that were far from fantasy!


  11. Ray says:

    Oh dear…Oh dear…
    Maybe it is you who should be looking for grippage RG…..mate!
    You leave yourself pretty much a simple and naive target, by using greens, Stalin and Mao in the same sentence.
    Here’s an easily found quote from the issues director of the green Party for example.

    “I think that Stalin achieved more in 20 years than the West took 200 years to achieve.”
    No confusion there…….mate!


  12. Andrei says:

    LOL – you make me laugh Ray in a world where nobel peace prize winners burn babies in their own homes with drones to keep the world safe for this, Stalin is the epitome of evil?

    History wont be kind to us and that’s a fact, we will be held in the rich contempt that we deserve


  13. Ray says:

    Andrei – I make no judgement on the actions of Stalin, history has done that. I merely used him to point out the stupidity of RG.
    I’m glad I made you laugh, however, it looks like your tortured mind could use some levity.


  14. Andrei says:

    Dear Ray – the quote “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?” springs to mind.

    See you think you live in a free liberal democracy but you don’t – we actually live under a Marxist Oligarchy who keep us fooled with smoke and mirrors that we have a say as they usurp power and wealth unto themselves.

    In New Zealand we are kept in comfortable cotton wool chains as our masters destroy all vestiges of our culture and heritage to transform our children into compliant serfs to serve their whims.


  15. RBG says:

    Its only ‘easily found’ on Whaleoil and Kiwiblog Ray. No context, not even the full quote, achieved more what? Your suggestion that this quote is a reason to fear the Greens is pathetic. The quote is being attributed to Laila Harre, when she was 21, she has since been a cabinet minister in this country. You are seriously lacking a sense of proportion.


  16. RBG says:

    TraceyS. Rather a big stretch to place your fantasies about the Greens alongside the works of history’s greatest thinkers.


  17. TraceyS says:

    I did not. Merely recommended you try engaging your thinking skills (yes, including imagination) for the greater good.

    But also feel free to go on taking everything face value if that’s where your capabilities lie.

    Big stretches are not a problem for some. In fact, history proves that we need them now and then. And imagination is vital to overcoming the fear that you might be wrong. Use of such doesn’t automatically mean that you are wrong.


  18. RBG says:

    Ok TraceyS, Imagine what if the supposed quote from Laila Harre was refering to educating girls, would put it in a different perspective.


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