What’s in a glass of milk?

June 1, 2014

Happy World Milk Day:


Photo: Isn't it amazing stuff? Happy World Milk Day 2014! #fonterra #funfacts #worldmilkday
Photo: It's World Milk Day today! To join the global celebrations we will share some fun facts about #milk today with you. Around the world, 87,717 glasses of milk are consumed every second of every day. Amazing, isn’t it? Like if you agree! #fonterra #funfacts #worldmilkday


Labour finally get a candidate

June 1, 2014

It’s taken a while but Labour has finally got a candidate for Tāmaki Makaurau.

Labour Party President Moira Coatsworth has announced that Peeni Henare will be Labour’s candidate for Tāmaki Makaurau at the 2014 General Election. . .

He’s a late starter.

But Labour hoped that Shane Taurima and then Julian Wilcox would stand for selection.

Taurima’s nomination was turned down after a report condemned his politicking at TVNZ.

Will Flavell, was nominated when the party opened, reopened and then extended the nomination period.

It was obvious the party didn’t want him. It isn’t clear how popular Henare is in the party and he’s not got much time to get the electorate’s support.

The Maori Party selected Rangi McLean, as its successor to Pita Sharples who holds the seat, a month ago and he’ll be four weeks of campaigning ahead.

Politics Daily

June 1, 2014

New Zealand Politics Daily is taking  a break.

I don’t have the time or inclination to provide the same service of a reasonably comprehensive list of links to news stories and blog posts on issues of the day.

However, I’m willing to start with a few and invite anyone who has read anything I’ve missed to add a link to it in a comment.

I won’t pretend to be balanced – there will be more links to blogs of a bluer hue. Anyone who wants the red and green end of the spectrum better represented is welcome to leave links.


NBR –    Harre confirms she is being paid by Dotcom — and how much:

Internet Party leader Laila Harre  has revealed she is being a paid back-bench MP salary as leader of the Internet Party . . .

Inventory 2 @ Keeping Stock – Is this a first?:

Laila Harre has confirmed suspicions that she is being paid a salary to lead the Internet Party; the NBR reports: . . .

Chris Keall @ NBR – NBR’s Laila Harre interview part 1: Free varsity; that John Banks donation

I sat down with Laila Harre soon after she was named Internet Party leader on Thursday. . . 

Rob Hosking @ NBR – Election 2014: Harre, Dotcom and hypocrisy:

The bizarre alliance coronation of former Alliance leader Laila Harre as leader of the Internet Party has raised more than a few eyebrows in the political world. . .

Colin Espiner @ Sunday Star Times – What’s behind Dotcom’s civil union?:

Say what you like about the sacrifice of conscience for cash – a great big German spanner has just been flung into the machinery of this year’s election campaign. . .

Mathew Beveridge – Laila Harre or Laila Haare?:

As part of the preparations for the announcement of their new party leader, the Internet Party has been doing a lot of work behind the scenes. . .

Mathew Beveridge – Laila Harre:

I was going to call this post “Laila Harre:A Twitter retrospective”. However, I thought that was a bit of a stretch, when she has less than 50 tweets to her name. . .

Jane Clifton @ The Listener – The Crazy days of autumn (paywalled):

It has always had the makings of a corny joke. A Maori, a German and an Indian walk into a party, and the bartender says … The punchline is no clearer, as the putative barman is still speechless. . .

Cameron Slater @ Whale Oil – Is there any democracy in the Internet Mana Party?

It is a bit of a joke is it not that a party that claims to be going to revolutionise politics in New Zealand is being populated by unreconstituted Stalinists and so far every position in the party has been appointed or paid for by a collector of Nazi memorabilia. . .

Russell Blackstock @ NZ Herald – Internet Party’s focus on young people:

The Internet Party’s first leader, Laila Harre, is promising young New Zealanders an “awesome” future in a growing digital economy. . .

David Farrar @ Kiwiblog – Translating Laila:

The HoS interviews Laila Harre: . . .

Ele Ludemann @ Homepaddock – Money can buy a leader:

Money can’t buy love but it can buy the leader of a political party: . . .

Bromhead @ NZ Herald – Cartoon: marriage of convenience


NBR –  Future of Auckland is smaller homes — Smith:

Housing Minister Nick Smith says the future of Auckland housing is “smaller, comfortable, affordable product”, noting Kiwi homes are twice the size of that in Europe.

Green Party

Cameron Slater @ Whale Oil – The Greens are going to need those printing presses soon:

The Green party has announced more than $280 million of extra health spending so far this year…more than the surplus forecast by Bill English. . . .

Inventory 2 @ Keeping Stock – Does this count as treating?:

Award-winning Fairfax reporter Andrea Vance has made a significant find on the merchandising table at the Green Party conference: . . .

Lindsay Mitchell – I only date boys . . . .

Keeping Stock blogs about this example of Green merchandising: . . .

Andrea Vance @ Stuff – Greens launch climate change policy:

The Greens have launched a controversial new climate change policy – a carbon tax. . .

Andrea Vance – Once upon a Green party conference:

Once upon a time, Green party conferences provided plenty of quirky material for journalists.


David Farrar @ Kiwiblog – Public polls May 2014:

That trend for Labour is very pronounced! . . .

Labour Party

Rodney Hide @ NZ Herald – Lonely Cunliffe must soldier on:

The David Cunliffe experiment has failed. Eight months into his leadership Labour is polling below what it was under Phil Goff and David Shearer. . .

Lou Taylor @ No Minister – The fine art of ‘thunking”:

As Rodney Hide points out today, Cunliffe and the remnants of the Labour Party really are up against the wall. . . 

Bevan Hurley @ NZ Herald – Secret files on old Labour leaders:

Newly declassified files from the Security Intelligence Service show secret police spied on future Labour Prime Ministers in the 1920s who were suspected of having Communist sympathies. . .

Cameron Slater @ Whale Oil – Cunliffe’s visit to the Coast – the true story

A West Coast member of the Ground Crew writes about David Cunliffe’s visit to Greymouth. . .

Matthew Beveridge – David Cunliffe with some cops:

David Cunliffe has been on a trip to the West Coast.


Cameron Slater @ Whale Oil – Compare and contrast:

Remember the Herald reporting on the “Candle light vigil” protest that was held outside of John Key’s home a week ago? . . .

Sunday Star Times – Craig ‘compliment’ a Right game: Bradford:

The Conservative Party has a new, unwilling poster child – radical Left-winger Sue Bradford. . .

Matthew Beveridge – Tiwtter stats May 30:

Most Tweets by MP:

National: Tau Henare 243, Steven Joyce 33, Chris Tremain 30. . .

Marika Hill @ Stuff – Politicians lobbied over bible class:

Secular school campaigners are knocking on politicians’ doors to lobby for a law change over religious lessons in school. . .

Dominion Post – Today in politics: Saturday, May 31

David Farrar @ Kiwiblog – Best ever thread on the Standard:

Someone called Geoff (note not brave enough to use his full name) at asked: . . .

Word of the day

June 1, 2014

Thunking – the art of thinking backwards.

Hat tip: Lou Taylor

Rural round-up

June 1, 2014

Alliance director ‘a real Kiwi chick’  – Sally Rae:

Alliance Group’s newest independent director Vanessa Stoddart describes the meat industry as being ”at the heart” of New Zealand. She talked to agribusiness reporter Sally Rae during the company’s inaugural Pure South conference in Queenstown this week.

Vanessa Stoddart loves transforming big companies and cultures.

Last month, the Auckland-based businesswoman with an impressive resume was appointed to the board of Alliance Group as an independent director. . .

Bigger ‘not better’in dairy industry – Sally Rae:

Big is not necessarily better.

That was the message from Alliance Group independent director Graeme Milne to suppliers attending the company’s inaugural Pure South conference in Queenstown this week.

Mr Milne, who has a 30-year involvement in the dairy industry, was chief executive of the New Zealand Dairy Group prior to the formation of Fonterra.

Among various other directorships, he is chairman of Mid Canterbury dairy-processor Synlait. He was appointed to Alliance Group’s board last year. . .

One woman and her dog  – Sahiban Kanwal:

Nicky Thompson believes you have got to have the hunger to be better than the best.

Women taking part in sheep dog trial championships in New Zealand was unheard of 50 years ago.

These days, however, Thompson, from Omihi in North Canterbury, is living proof of an ever-changing farming community.

Thompson is one of the competitors at the New Zealand and South Island Sheep Dog Trial Championships at Waihi Station, near Geraldine, throughout this week. . .

Alliance considering pool payment – Lynda Gray:

A pool payment – the first in two years – could be on the cards for Alliance shareholders.

The cautiously optimistic promise was delivered by Alliance chairman Murray Taggart on the first day of the meat company’s inaugural supplier conference in Queenstown.

Also announced was the planned rollout on October 1 of a new yield payment system based on different price premiums for the primal shoulder, leg, and loin cuts. . .

More to Mt Hutt than just snow:

Iconic is an overused word these days, but occasionally it is justified – as in the case of Mt Hutt Station and not just because it covers the lower slopes of the Mid-Canterbury plains’ most visible landmark.

Its status – both nationally and internationally – is in no small part because of Mt Hutt Station’s owners, the Hood family. Because of the Hoods, Mt Hutt Station is now indelibly linked with large-scale deer farming.

For more than 35 years the property has been developed and farmed by the Hood family after Keith and his late brother Doug purchased the station in 1978. By the early 1990s, the station that had once run up to 14,000 ewes, was virtually totally deer. The station is now farmed by Keith and his wife Dennise, along with their son Bruce and daughter-in- law Becky. . .

It's World Milk Day today! To join the global celebrations we will share some fun facts about #milk today with you. Around the world, 87,717 glasses of milk are consumed every second of every day. Amazing, isn’t it? Like if you agree! #fonterra #funfacts #worldmilkday

Confidence expressed in industry’s future :

New Zealand’s largest deer farmer, Landcorp Farming, has confidence in the future of the deer industry, said its general manager of farm operations.

Addressing the Deer Industry New Zealand conference in Methven recently, Graeme Mulligan said the company was confident in the future of deer farming.

While Landcorp’s reliance on dairying would grow considerably, it was still keen to be in the deer industry.

Deer provided a diversity of product mix to the business and featured in its revenue strategy. . .

Patrick George Morrison CMG – 25.4.31 – 26.5.14

June 1, 2014

One of Country Calendar’s early programmes was screening when we got to the Darfield Recreation Centre for Pat Morrison’s funeral on Friday.

He was a young man when it was filmed, about 50 years ago, but the programme showed Pat had already achieved a lot in and for farming and the community.

He continued to do even more.

Tributes could only touch on all he had done and done so well.

However, you could have walked in to the service not knowing him, and come out with a deep appreciation of him as a farmer, farming leader, community stalwart, family man and friend.

Tim Cronshaw writes:

Retired Darfield farmer Pat Morrison will be remembered for his relentless energy as the founding chairman driving out the Central Plains Water (CPW) irrigation scheme.

The farmer, irrigation champion and big business director died this week in his early 80s.

In a ceremony last month marking the first turn of the sod by Prime Minister John Key, Morrison confided that, along with others, he had spent as many as 800 days working on the scheme.

Longtime friend Fred Bull said if the truth was known, he’d probably devoted more of his time.

“It would be 800 full days because there was a lot of weeks he was in Christchurch for a day or two and I don’t think it would be there without his tenacity.”

During a long farming history Morrison was awarded a Nuffield Farming Scholarship and AC Cameron Medal and recognised for his services to farming in the honours list in the 1990s.

His commitment to public duty began as secretary of the local cricket club in 1951 and more than 60 years later he was still an active director on the CPW board, resigning as chairman after nine years in 2012.

He served with Federated Farmers, the Young Farmers Club and Malvern A & P Association and was a director of the BNZ bank. He took on the hard jobs as chairman of the New Zealand Wool Board and New Zealand Wool Services International and was a chief opponent of a proposal to put a landfill in the Malvern Hills.

Morrison had the mix of business and farming skills and connections through the industry to make him the perfect choice to lead Central Plains Water, said board member and Buddle Findlay partner Willy Palmer.

“He was respected by everyone and gave everything to any cause he pursued and did it with style and with a great sense of humour. … I don’t believe anyone else had the necessary skills to take Central Plains from a start-up company to where it got to when he resigned as chairman.” . . .

Federated Farmers Meat & Fibre chairwoman Jeanette Maxwell said Morrison was respected by farmers for his work with Canterbury irrigation and before that with the wool industry.

“Back when I was a little girl he did a lot of work in the wool industry. He was a strong rural man and passionate about his industry. Along the way he provided strong leadership and would really drive to get things achieved.” . . .

He was a good man who gave far more than he got. His sudden death has left a big hole in his family, farming, the community and New Zealand.

Landscape of the heart

June 1, 2014

Open large picture

It is still so new & all we see is the empty space, but that is not how it is in the landscape of the heart. There, there is no empty space & he still laughs & grapples with ideas & plans & nods wisely with each of us in turn. We are proud to have known him. We are proud to have called him friend.

Landscape of the Heart ©2014 Brian Andreas – published with permission.

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